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Removal & recycling service

We are happy to take your existing mattress or sofa away for you, when we deliver your new purchase. With our Removal & recycling service we can take care of your old furniture by disposing of it in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This service has to be booked in combination with our Delivery service and it’s offered for free.


In order to organize the take back of your old sofa or mattress, please indicate when ordering the number and size of sofas or mattresses to be taken back, for example: "take back 1 sofa 3 seats" or "take back 1 mattress 140 cm".

Valuation of sofas or mattresses

We entrust these old mattresses or sofas to our approved partner who Sort and recycle them according to their composition either by material’s recovery or by energy’s recovery. The costs related to this operation are taken in charge by IKEA.

*The service is only available for collection of similar mattress or sofa to those delivered.

*AS IS products are not included.