Keep cool in an organised teen's room

Children's room in white, blue and black with a white bed frame, tiger-patterned quilt cover and pillowcase and blue details.

When your child grows, his will to express himself grows too. Give him a helping hand by making sure there's lots of open and closed storage in the bedroom so he can organise, and display, his hobbies and personal style to the fullest.

An open and organised drawer with clothes inside SLÄKT white bed frame with storage.

Spacious drawers have room for lots of clothes, but it's smart to use inside organisers to keep things neat and tidy – RASSLA box with compartments helps you out!

The backside of a bed's headboard where a black bed pocket hang and store books and more.

A bed pocket on the bed's headboard let children keep their technical gadgets close at hand, whether if they relax in bed, or on the floor right next to it.

An outfit corner with a white pegboard, a white wall lamp and a white mirror with a phone holder.

Create an awesome dressing corner with the help of MÖJLIGHET mirror and SKÅDIS pegboard – together they provide your teenager with a phone holder, accessory storage, and room to hang prepared outfits for the next-coming day.

Closed wall storage is perfect for school material, and everything can have a dedicated space with the help of organisers and boxes. Let the top of the wall storage be an easy-to-grab surface for the daily used favourites.

A black wall, a white wall cabinet, white toy boxes, a black shelf and a skateboard.

Let your teenager have a living room nook of his own! A pair of cushions on a storage bench, a reading lamp, a laptop support, and a Bluetooth speaker will surely make this spot one of his favourites.