Affordable luxury

A colourful bedroom with lilac walls, light brown-red bed linen, a yellow throw and a wardrobe and bed frame in black-brown.

Crispy textiles, statement lamps and a trendy colour scheme – this luxurious and hotel-like bedroom has a wow factor that’s hard to forget.

A bed with bed linen in light lilac and light brown-red. Pendant lamps hang above and a black round side table stands beside.

A headboard makes sure that you always have a comfortable backrest to lean back on – even if the bed stands in the middle of the room.

A white quilt and two white KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillows are piled on a bed with light brown-red bed linen.

Ergonomic KLUBBSPORRE pillow has a cushioning foam on one side and a cooling gel on the other, and it’s suitable for all sleeping preferences.

KALKFLY light pink curtains and KALKFLY dark beige room darkening curtains hang by large windows and cover half of them.

KALKFLY curtains are available as both sheer curtains and block-out curtains, so you can customise the bedroom light completely (while having a coordinated look!).

A mirror spreads light beautifully and creates an illusion of a more spacious room, too!

A blue ALEX desk, a lit table lamp and a black swivel chair with a yellow throw are standing at the back of a bed headboard.

A headboard works great as a room divider and offers a perfect spot for your desk.

PAX/FORSAND wardrobe in black-brown with an open section where books stand. In front are a blue desk and a black chair.

FORSAND door has a wood effect surface that guarantees a genuine look (don't let the foil fool you – it looks and feels like real wood!).