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A stylish bedroom from all angles

An IKEA HEMNES black brown bed frame, with straight slats on the headboard, positioned bodly in the middle of a pink bedroom.

Solid wood with rustic charm; it’s the perfect bed frame if you want to create a homely atmosphere in your bedroom. Pair it with soft sheets, sheer curtains and an open wardrobe solution to create a comfortable place to sleep just the way you like it.

Another way of furnishing your bedroom is to have your bed stand boldly in the middle; the HEMNES bed frame is finished on all sides, so it can look stylish from every angle.

An IKEA HEMNES black brown bed frame with a slatted headboard, bedside table and pink bedding.

Like to read in bed? Hang a lamp above a bedside table for a clean, cordless floor. This is a nice solution when your bed is in the middle of the room.

A curtained nook containing an IKEA ELVARLI open storage system filled with clothing.

Create your own walk-in closet by using a pair of curtains to make a separate ‘room’ for all your clothes. This helps divide the bedroom into sections — and lets you hide the things you might not want others to see.