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Just another magic Monday

Picture yourself being able to wake up, raise your blinds to let in that lovely morning sun, listen to some music and still not have to get out of bed. How lovely, right? When you improve the IQ of your home, life itself runs a bit smoother as well. So whether you want a full smart home or just a few wonders of control, there's an IKEA Home smart product to create an intuitive flow for you.

Light it like you feel it

Just think, feelings at your fingertips. Smart lighting bridges any gaps between a hectic day, washing up, lounging around and late-night whispers. Bulbs, panels and integrated lighting. You can dim them, colour them, turn them on or off, and switch their glow from cool to warm.
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Kitchen with large pendant lamps with smart lighting and a table set for dinner, a woman sitting at the table and a man at the sink.

Let your blinds go up before you do

You can control them from your bed with the included remote - or program them to open/close. Both the sheer KADRILJ and the darkening FYRTUR are compatible with TRÅDFRI smart lights and work with the app. Either way, you get a window with a whole new atmosphere.
Person opening smart blinds FYRTUR from bed with a remote control device.

Make others feel smart too

Have your coffee maker start brewing at 6:00 a.m., before you get out of bed. A control outlet enables your ordinary items such as night lamps, kitchen appliances or light chains become smart.
A kitchen work top with a coffee maker connected to an outlet control, and a cup and bowl beside a sink.

Sounds like a welcome home

Check out the SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker and the versatile SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker. Great-sounding, great-looking pieces that simply blend in like a sweet duet. Just touch a button and fill your home with sound and music.
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SYMFONISK WiFi speaker lamp on a shelf beside diverse decorations and a table with wine glasses in the foreground.

The heart of your smart home

Gateway + app = a perfect match. Add smart lighting, smart blinds and control outlets to the TRÅDFRI gateway, and steer them with the IKEA Home smart app. This lets you control each light source individually, create different types of lighting moods - and open/close your smart blinds.
TRÅDFRI gateway against a grey background.
The IKEA Home smart logo for the IKEA Home smart app.

IKEA Home smart app

Download the app to control your IKEA Home smart products together with the TRÅDFRI gateway.
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1. Remote control

Control your IKEA Home smart products with a simple touch of a button.

2. Sensor

Make your home feel more safe with lighting that turns on right away upon motion.
Illustration of three IKEA  Home smart remote controls.Illustration of TRÅDFRI wireless motion sensor.

4 ways to control IKEA Home smart

Whether you prefer physical devices or apps, we've got you covered! Change the atmosphere of your home with the touch of a button, a wave of your hand, a tap in the app, or simply your voice. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

3. IKEA Home smart app

With IKEA Home smart app you can set timers and different smart lighting moods to make your everyday more convenient.
Did you know? TRÅDFRI app has become the new IKEA Home smart app.

4. Voice control

Control your IKEA Home smart products with your voice. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.
Illustration of a mobile phone.Illustration of a voice control function that appears in the app.

Works with IKEA Home smart

When you see this badge on a product, you can be sure it'll work with your IKEA Home smart app and connects with the TRÅDFRI gateway.
Works with IKEA Home smart.
A woman holding a mobile telephone, while she browses a menu on the screen.

Getting started is easy

Find an answer to your question from our product support and FAQ, plus discover new ways to enjoy your items with our how-to and help videos.
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