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Rugs, mats & flooring

A dog lies on a black and grey/white high pile rug in a room with a blue floor and two black DYVLINGE swivel armchairs.

A soft retreat from hard living room floors

The popular EPOK rug from 1958 has returned to brighten up your floor and cushion your steps. Today called BULLERREMSA, this high pile rug adds warmth and comfort to your home.

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A timeless rug for modern times

Enhance your living space with the timeless charm of the new STARREKLINTE rug. The beige base and black stripes add a touch of elegance and the flatwoven surface makes it ideal for busy living rooms and dining areas, as it allows you to effortlessly pull out chairs and keep your space clean.

Detailing of the pattern of a natural/black flatwoven STARREKLING rug.
A flatwoven natural/black STARREKLINT rug is hanging over a wooden rod in a room with wooden walls.

Where everybody’s welcome, but not the dirt

These hard-wearing door mats welcome you into your home but make sure mud and dirt stay at the door. They’re very practical, helping keep your floors and carpets cleaner for longer.

A couple of dried leaves are on a grey OPLEV door mat that is placed outside a hallway with an open door.
A pair of children’s sneakers is on a dark grey VATTENVERK door mat that is placed in a hallway with white floors.

So good you could sleep on it

There’s not much cosier than feeling a soft wool rug under your feet. Our handwoven wool rugs are super resilient and add a personal touch to any room. Whether you want a modern geometric pattern or a more textured weave, our wool rugs make you want to stop what you’re doing and roll around on the floor.

A blue KIVIK armchair sits on a STOCKHOLM geometric rug. On the wall, cube shelves are lined up with books inside.
A flatwoven TIDTABELL wool rug in a gentle melange of beige tones adds warmth to a dining room and comfort under your feet.

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