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Bed linen for a seaside sleep

Why not bring the beach to your home with this new, fresh bed linen? It’s an easy way to revitalise your bedroom and get in the mood for summer.

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A black SAGSTUA bed with VITPYROLA bed linen stands on a PEDERSBORG rug next to a window in a bedroom.
A SAGSTUA bed with VITPYROLA bed linen, which has a coral and seashell pattern, and two cushions with AINA cushion covers.
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Pillows that can cool you down

Do you sometimes feel too warm in bed? You’ll love these ergonomic pillows. Each has one side that’s specially designed to cool you down, so you can stay comfortable all night.

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A KVARNVEN ergonomic pillow, which has a cooling blue side with a honeycomb pattern, lies on top of a bed.
A KLUBBSPORRE ergonomic pillow lies next to a grey throw on top of a bed with dark blue bed linen.
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Staying fresh in bed with mattress and pillow protectors

Looking for an easy way to help your bed stay fresh and prolong the lives of your mattress and pillows? Mattress and pillow protectors keep dirt and stains away and you can pop them into your washing machine for a thorough clean whenever you want.

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A pillow which is inside a partly zipped up ÄNGSKORN pillow protector lies on top of a mattress.
A corner of a mattress on which an ÄNGSKORN mattress protector has been fastened in place.
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Bedding style that starts simple, then you add the spice

How can you give your bed a look you love? One way is to have a simple foundation and then add some spice. Combine plain bed linen, for example, with a colourful bedspread or eye-catching extra cushions. When you want to refresh, just change the spicy stuff to new colours and patterns.

The head of a white NESTTUN bed with white/blue TRÄDKRASSULA bed linen and a light pink KRANSBORRE cushion.
A dark grey IDANÄS upholstered bed with white/grey ÄNGSKLOCKA bed linen stands in front of a white IDANÄS wardrobe.
A VIRRMO floor/reading lamp stands beside a pale pink IDANÄS upholstered bed with DYTÅG bed linen and extra cushions.
A blue TUFJORD upholstered bed with NATTJASMIN bed linen and a MJUKPLISTER bedspread stands in a corner.
A SLATTUM upholstered bed with LAPPNYCKLAR bed linen stands beside a VIKHAMMER bedside table with a DEJSA table lamp.
A white SONGESAND bed with white DYTÅG bed linen and other textile products in different colours stands in a sunny bedroom.
A white stain HEMNES bedside table stands beside a white stain HEMNES bed with grey ÄNGSLILJA bed linen.
A pillow in a white/dark grey SILVERTISTEL pillowcase lies on top of a duvet in a white/dark grey SILVERTISTEL duvet cover.