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Bathroom cabinets

Think of humble bathroom cabinets as magic makers. They free up valuable floor space (essential during that morning rush), keep essentials nice and tidy, and also keep them hidden from view. It's no trick - just super smart. See free standing bathroom cabinets online or in-store.

Bathroom storage for a clean and calm feel

The less clutter there is, the less chaotic you’ll feel, and the easier getting ready will be. Whether you’re looking for a wash-basin cabinet for a small space, a generous wall cabinet for all your towels or a stylish shelf to display your bottles – here are storage ideas to help you unwind.

A NYSJÖN wash-basin cabinet in white is placed in a dark and small bathroom filled with towels, accessories and a plant.
A white open ENHET wall frame with shelves is hanging on a white bathroom wall. It’s filled with bottles and small boxes.
A high GODMORGON cabinet in light wood with shelves filled with folded towels, soaps and bottles in a light red bathroom.
A white HEMNES wash-stand with two drawers under a white glass cabinet in a brown bathroom, lights coming in from a window.
A white ENHET wall cabinet is placed in a bright family bathroom. One door is open and filled with soap bottles and toys.
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