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There are times when we all need a bit of extra comfort and support. With the OMTÄNKSAM range (omtänksam meaning “considerate” in Swedish), IKEA wants to make everyday life easier for everyone – and for every body.

Sales start MAY 2020

White sofa in living room

APRIL 2020

Summer retreat

This summer, IKEA invites you to turn your home
into a summer retreat. Both on the inside and
the outside. We have the ideas and products
that make life a little cooler and fresher as the
temperature rises. For you, your family and all
your friends visiting.

Sales start APRIL 2020

Two hands supporting a BOTANISK pot

MARCH 2020

BOTANISK collection

Made by 5600 sure-hand-ed artisans, BOTANISK is
a handmade collection of pots, baskets (and lots
more) that add to the fun of indoor gardening. Seeds of hope are sprouting. Not only from the planting and potting – but also from the thousands of jobs created for people who need it the most.

Sales start March 2020

White wall with botanical green pot


Feel new again

We’re celebrating the refreshing, rejuvenating energy we feel as winter begins to fade by presenting a range of products perfectly suited to the season first in clearing away the cold-weather clutter, and then in renewing our living spaces with natural tones and nature inspired materials.

Sales start February 2020

White scuptures with paper bag


MARKERAD Limited collection

Make your mark with MARKERAD

You’ve just moved into your new place. And now it’s time to find the things that’ll make it really feel like yours.
Together with world-renowned creative Virgil Abloh, we’ve developed MARKERAD, which updates a range of everyday objects – from clocks to chairs – with the kind of striking style that can help make sure any home stands out.

Sales start November 2019

star shaped ceiling lights with christmas table decorations


Winter Holiday

A holiday for everyone

This year's limited-edition Winter Collection from IKEA - inspired by its Scandinavian heritage and modern ways of celebrating -- is about finding pockets of comfort in what might otherwise be a stressful time. Whether you prefer a “less-is-more” minimal approach or full-on holiday glam, find everything you need for your holiday cooking, eating, decorating, gift-wrapping and more, to make it a fuss-free, inclusive season

Sales start November 2019

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2020 IKEA Catalogue

Sleep, glorious sleep! We believe that getting a good night’s rest will absolutely improve your life, and that a few changes at home can help make it happen. In this year’s Catalogue, you’ll find everything you need to get closer to a better bedtime. Starting tonight.

Release August 2019

ombyte with various patterned boxes


OMBYTE Limited collection

Designed for your next move

Today we’re much more mobile than before. For many of us, frequent moves are a part of life, and we know that the process of moving out is not easy. So, we wondered: can we find a way to support people that are going from one place to another and help them during and after moving day?
That’s when we created OMBYTE, a collection of colourful and functional moving essentials that you can use as furniture too. Wherever life will take you next, the OMBYTE collection will be there to make moving out a bit easier, less stressful and more fun.

Sales start August 2019

overallt with people at a rooftop with tables and chair

MAY 2019


Welcome to the urban living room

Spontaneous get-togethers, shared meals and new connections sums up limited edition collection, ÖVERALLT. Created in collaboration with ten African designers and artists, IKEA has been inspired by modern lifestyles in urban areas of Africa. The collection mixes modern ideas with traditional craft. From larger pieces of furniture, to tableware and bold textiles, welcome in to the urban living room.

Sales start May 2019