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A bedroom sanctuary

It's nearly impossible to not feel relaxed when entering a bedroom that's filled with calming blue shades, soft textiles, cosy rugs and well-thought-out lighting.

Enjoy a good night's sleep in comfortable textiles in soothing colours – dream-like LUKTJASMIN has a silky-soft feeling and a beautiful lustre, and the lyocell/cotton blend draws moisture away from your body for even more comfort.

Let your feet be greeted by a comfortable rug every morning, and let your eyes rest on soothing colours and patterns – VONSBÄK has a faded vintage look that's similar to oriental rugs (but to an affordable price).

Keep track of the bedroom temperature to make sure you get optimal comfort when you sleep. An alarm clock with a built-in thermometer allows you to check, and maintain, what suits you best.

A darkened room makes it easier for you to get a full, and undisturbed, good night's sleep. TRETUR block-out roller blind rolls back up slowly and softly, thanks to the built-in soft-closing function, so no rude awakenings in the mornings either.

A black SYMFONISK table lamp is standing on a black table next to decorative items in a blue bedroom.

Create a calm bedroom atmosphere with the help of soft and glowing lighting and soothing tunes so you can unwind and de-stress after a hectic day. SYMFONISK offers both – but requires only space for one.

ODDLAUG panels can be built around your bed to create a snug and cosy atmosphere. They're sound absorbing too, so they'll help reduce loud noises from your surroundings.