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IKEA is offering discount on delivery fee now!

For a bright summer, IKEA offers a discount on shipping! Choose as many as you like to decorate your home with new furniture. Let's start decorating your home for the exciting summer with IKEA, shall we?

  • Benefit: No matter how full it is, shipping costs 29,000 won (Jeju Island 75,000 won)
    *This discount applies to purchases of KRW 500,000 or more in stores and official online malls
  • Period: July 26 - August 20

Don't hesitate to buy furniture, now is your chance!

[Terms and condition]

  • This offer is applied for IKEA Store and IKEA Korea Website from July 26th to August 20th.
  • This offer is only applied to purchased made on the same day.
  • If you purchase furniture or accessories for more than 500,000 won, the delivery fee will be 29,000 won(Jeju island 75,000 won).​
  • This offer is applied to all IKEA stores, IKEA Korea Website , IKEA planning studios, IKEA Lab, and Phone Order Service offer.
  • This offer excludes discounts on IKEA food and all service costs and ASIS product purchases.
  • Neighbourhood Delivery Service fee is 29,000 won as before.
  • Different stores have different available areas.
  • Delivery service cannot merge store orders with online orders.
  • For over 5 CBM, big volume delivery price will apply based on actual purchased volume.
  • Parcel Delivery and Picking service are not applied to this offer.
  • Delivery price discount is not covering return & exchange if it is caused by customer change of mind, normal return & exchange price will apply.
  • Return shipping fee of 29,000 won will be charged after product has been dispatched.
  • This offer is valid only if you apply for delivery during the event.
  • Indicated discount conditions (including specified product, discount rate, period and quantity etc.) may be subjected to change or withdrawn without any notice from IKEA due to internal policies and circumstances.

Shopping for home, you can do it at home!

Can't you visit the store? Please call 1670-4532. Order the products you need by phone order and have them delivered to your home. Everything from delivery to assembly can be done with a single phone call.