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Four totally new ways of using VARIERA

And guess what? It’s not only a handy plastic bag container anymore.
A VARIERA plastic bag container, when attached to a wall, can become a home for a child’s hobby horses and other toys on sticks when they’re placed horizontally through the holes in the container.
1. Because hobby horses need a home too!
Oh, and by the way, you can actually save space by mounting these VARIERA horizontally. We, err, thought of that after this picture was taken.
A VARIERA plastic bag container can be spray painted black, attached to a black wall and filled with colourful gym gear including a yoga mat, foam roller and stretch bands.
2. VARIERA gets a spray-painted makeover fit for your home gym.
It looks so good you might finally start doing those home workouts now.
Three VARIERA plastic bag containers can be turned into storage for wrapping paper when they are placed flat on top of a wooden wardrobe.
3. At last! A place for all those rolls of wrapping paper.
Who decided to make them just slightly too long for the drawers anyway?
Three VARIERA plastic bag containers, filled with holes, can be fixed to a white-tiled wall and filled with cleaning products for tidy cleaning storage. You can draw symbols representing house cleaning, window cleaning and car cleaning onto the white tiles next to each container.
4. Get ready for all that spring cleaning...
That may or may not happen this spring.