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The IKEA Catalogue 2021 is here!

The handbook for a better everyday life at home

The IKEA catalogue 2021 is filled with inspiring home furnishing tips and solutions. Jump in to view the budget-friendly tips, exciting new product releases, and tips for a sustainable life at home.

Home furnishing solutions for different lifestyles

Home furnishing should cater to various lifestyles.
Find the perfect home furnishing solutions fit for your home.

Time to cozy up

Bedrooms are best when
warm and cozy.
Here’s a simple tip to
make the coziest bedroom!

How to make an eco-friendly space

Wouldn’t it be nice
if you could decorate your home
and save the environment
at the same time?
Check out this home that did both!

How to make a warm atmosphere

Creating a warm atmosphere
in your home isn’t so difficult.
All you need is simple
tips on lighting.

How to create healthy habits

Good habits don’t need great
big changes. Instead, try
achieving one small goal at a time.
Why not start with having healthier breakfast?

Bring out the colors and details

Here’s a tip on how to
decorate the living room with
rich colors and details
without overdoing it.

How to spice up dinner date at home

There’s no reason why dinner
at home can’t be more romantic than
at a fancy restaurant. Check out
this dining room, ready for a romantic night!

Need more information on other spaces?

Check our Home Furnishing Brochure for more product details and tips for different areas!

Catalogue Launch Event
“Home Furnishing Q&A Live Class”

If you have questions or worries on home furnishing, ask IKEA!
Our experts will help you in every way through a live show!