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Add some minimal must-haves to your home with the 00-90’s edition of GRATULERA vintage collection, celebrating 75 years of IKEA design.IKEA 75


Minimal must-haves
Looking back upon the 90’s, it doesn’t feel all too long ago, right? It’s the future now but these updated items are still for today - for example BJURÅN chair, formerly known as ÖGLA. It was first launched back in 1961. It’s a real statement piece, don’t you agree? Place it by itself as a single pop of colour, or as a set around your dining table.
This 90-00’s edition of GRATULERA vintage collection features furniture, textiles, tableware (and even a small deco horse) in a Scandinavian sleek expression. But it’s a limited edition - so if you like something, act fast.
Launching December, come visit your local store!
“During the 90’s, we went for a more natural
expression. I think the sculptural furniture of Thomas
Sandell is iconic. The small bench with wheels on one
end, and legs on the other, was a design piece desired
by so many people at that time.”
Karin Gustavsson, IKEA Creative Leader

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Launching at three different dates, the GRATULERA limited edition vintage collection brings back some of your (and our) fondest memories of IKEA. We’ve missed these golden oldies quite a bit, and hope you have too.
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