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The Key to a Good Night’s Sleep

Did you know that 6 out of 10 office workers who worked from home have changed their interior? Among all places, bedroom was the second most favourable place. Eveyone wishes to have a comfortable bed.

Are you looking for tips to a good night’s sleep? There are ways, and its nothing special. What matters most is comfort, along with temperature, sound, air quality, and lighting. Take a look at IKEA’s new mattress range and find the right ones just for you.

An easy way to choose the right mattress

The new IKEA mattress has improved in comfort and quality with focus on durability. Choose yours among 6 new products that provide great comfort in all prices.

Affordability for the many more

Great comfort is never on the line even when prices are low. Choose the perfect mattress depending on your preference from 2 types of firmness, 3 types of comfort and comfort zones that support each curve of the body.

Two icons indicating strength


A clear difference between extra firm and firm

Three icons indicating spring type


Pocket, bonell and Dual Pocket type options for targeted comfort

A icon indicating comfortzone

Comfort Zone

Varying firmness within one mattress to give right support depending on body shape

High quality and product guarantee

At IKEA, we offer highly improved mattresses with full guarantee. Also, all mattresses are press and roll packed, making it easy to carry and ready to use on the day itself.

Icon for displaying roll pack mattress

Roll Packed

Mattresses are easy to bring around and ready to use on the day of purchase.*except VATNESTRÖM

Icon for 365 days free exchange

Free exchange period of 365 days

Bring your receipt along with the product if you're not satisfied after a month of adjustment. We will exchange it once within 365 days.

Icon for 25-year warranty

Product Guarantee

We offer 25-year guarantee for our mattresses

A child in blue pajamas is jumping on the bed.

Pocket Springs? Bonell Springs?

Springs that are essential in mattresses are available in two types, tightly connected bonell Springs and individually activated Pocket Springs. You may choose depending on your preference for firmness and whether you share a mattress with someone else or not.

Sectional view of Bonnell Spring mattress

Bonell Spring

Tightly Connected SpringsGives good support and allows high level of air flow.

Sectional view of pocket Spring mattress

Pocket Spring

Individually Activated SpringsGives good individual support so each person is not impacted by the others movement.

Sectional view of dual pocket Spring mattress

Dual Pocket Spring

Individually Activated SpringsGives different support on each area that fits body curves.

Do you share a mattress?

You can choose between different springs depending on whether you sleep alone or with a partner.

There's a man lying on his bed sleeping face down and an icon of a Bonnell Spring mattress.


Bonell Springs for firm weight supportSleeping alone on a bonell spring mattress with firm support and active air flow will gift you a good night’s sleep.

Two people are sleeping on one bed, and there's a pocket spring mattress icon.


Pocket Springs for that “sinking in” feelingPocket springs do not act as one unit and gives very good individual support even when sharing a mattress.

Great comfort for your body

Comfort zones consist of two layers of pocket springs that support specific areas. The material contours itself around the body to provide good comfort and helps maintain good sleeping posture all night.

An illustration of 5-comfort zone mattress

VALEVÅG and VATNESTRÖM with 5 comfort zones

The mattress has 5 comfort zones and edges that have been reinforced with two types of wires.The 5 comfort zones give precise support and relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips.

An illustration of 7-comfort zone mattress

VÅGSTRANDA with 7 comfort zones

7 comfort zones are created with two layers of pocket springs with different height.Pocket heights are adjusted individually to create the S-curve, which was designed to fit and follow body shape.

A child and a man are smiling and looking at each other in a stack of mattresses.

For today and a sustainable tomorrow

Roll packed mattresses are easy to take home and ready to use on the day itself. Less foam for the environment but more sustainable foam are steps towards a fossil free 2030. All mattresses are press and roll packed.

A man is pushing ahead with the product he bought in an L-cart.
A view of a bedroom with a mattress.

Comparing mattresses

You can compare the differences between the six mattresses and choose the right mattress for you. Size: 80cm(mini single) / 90cm(single) / 120cm(super single+) / 140cm(double) / 150cm(queen) / 180cm(king) Each product has a different size availability, so please check the details for each product.

Compare 6 mattresses
Compare 6 mattresses

Get to know more

Q. Pocket or bonell springs – which one is better and why?

A: Both offer great support. Take your pick depending on the number of people using the mattress and your preference for support.

Q: Does higher number of springs per mattress mean a better product?

A: In short, no it doesn’t. It’s a common misconception. We do provide ‘spring per m2’ information for our products, but it doesn’t mean everything.What’s most important is the quality of the spring based on wire thickness, diameter and material.

If you don't have a idea how to start?

Try the mattress/bedding planner below.