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Bright summer, celebrate Midsommar festival with IKEA!

    Midsommar is one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden, taken place in June to celebrate summer solstice. During the longest day of the year, people gather to eat, drink and enjoy the celebration of summer!

    Take a look at the Midsommar video clip to enjoy the party! And start your summer home furnishing with products up to 70% OFF!

    We have been waiting, ​Bright summer! fun home furnishing!

    • 1. On Midsommar eve, children pick seven different flowers from the field and place them under their pilow before going to bed. That's because of the cute myth that they'll dream of their future partner!

      2. Once everyone is gathered, Maypoles is raised to be decorated with flowers and wreaths. Children and adults have fun dancing around the pole pretending to be frogs, with beautiful wreaths on their head!

      3. You can never miss out on delicious food in festivals. Midsommar party always ends with having delicious food and desserts out in the sun.

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