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IKEA co-worker home visit, the third episode

Creative home for a couple with flexible lifestyle

We are back with a new episode of <Home visit>, where we visit homes of people who are home experts.

In this episode, we are showing the home of a global couple working in IKEA Goyang! IKEA Family specialist Ellen Park and Jacobo Gil from the Assembly Team. Feel free to step inside and see how they decorated their personal space.

Couple's living room, that holds personality

Ellen and Jacobo welcomed us to their living room which created comfortable atmosphere from green toned walls and harmonized wooden furnitures.

Of all furniture, we were interested by the placement of the sofa NORSBORG. Unlike most apartments with sofas placed in front of a wall, NORSBORG was ignoring the 'traditional' rules of furniture arrangement. It was leaning against a window surrounding the whole living room. Ellen and Jacobo usually arrange their furniture to focus on interior space during Winter to early Spring, while placing it to look out the window to enjoy the green in Summer.

“We arrange our furniture in a flexible way that brings comfort to our lifestyle."

After moving into this house, Ellen painted the walls and ceilings green to create a nature-like atmosphere. For a natural look, she didn't forget to add textures of rattan, solid wood and bamboo. Ellen and Jacobo's creativity showed in their living room with the use of NORDKISA open wardrobe which was used for storage and a room divider.

Artificial potted plants were mixed in between real plants to add a refreshing mood to their living room. "This is a good tip for people who have trouble growing plants," says Ellen and Jacobo.

“To make our home feel closer to nature, we decorated our place with plants and furniture made from eco-friendly materials like rattan, bamboo.”

Adding a variety to your everyday

Next to the living room, we found a large dining table that could fit up to approximately 10 guests. "We normally have meals, read or do various activities in this spacious dining space" says Ellen and Jacobo. It provides them plenty of space for their guests too.

Interestingly, chairs placed on each side of the table had slightly different design. The chairs they had originally didn't go well with the table, so they decided to purchase new chairs with a similar tone. To add some fun to their space, they chose chairs with slightly different shapes.

Ellen and Jacobo sold their old chairs and bought new ones at a reasonable price using Buy back service. They say that Buy back service is good for minimizing waste from second hand products, and lowering the price from home furnishing.

More on Buy back Service

“If you have new home furnishing inspirations, you can always choose Buy back service to change your furniture in a more sustainable and affordable way.”

Bedroom space, that's practical and cozy

Just like the other rooms in the house, Ellen and Jacobo's bedroom had a calm, cozy mood from white tones and colors of wood. To harmonize their bedroom with the rest, they placed a product from the NORDKISA series, also used in the living room. They say that the small hole in NORDKISA bedside table is perfect for organizing your cables.

For creating cozy atmosphere, the couples were using TÄRNABY table lamp. They say that the lamp lets you control brightness easily while creating the mood you need.

"We made our bedroom look unified yet cozy by bringing the natural look from the living room and adding a small table lamp.“

KALLAX Shelving unit is one of our favorite product from the bedroom. It can be be combined with different types of inserts to suit your storage needs. Ellen used a mixture of rattan and white colored storage boxes to express the couple's personality. These shelves can be organized according to your needs, making it more practical.

They also taught us tips on how to keep privacy and still have sunlight. It's to layer FJÄDERKLINT curtain on top of a thin linen curtain.

“Shelving units can be placed in any directions, depending on how you want to use them. Most of all, the variety of inserts makes it easy to create your own combination of storage”

Multi-functional space that brings joy to all

Ellen and Jacobo always have guests visiting their house, so they decided to create a guest room. Inside the guest room, there was an eye catching sofa-bed that had a unique pattern. They say that this practical sofa changes into a bed when they need space for their guests. It also makes the couple's movie night enjoyable.

Next to the sofa-bed, we found a desk and a chair that looked like it's just been delivered from a woodworking shop. They told us that the desk can be use for various purposes since its X-shaped frame at the bottom can be adjusted.

While Jacobo introduced us to the guest room, he gave us simple tips on furniture assembly. He said reading through the instructions carefully before assembling and start assembling easy products are the two tips in improving your skills.

“By reading the instructions thoroughly and starting with easy to assemble products, you can become good at furniture assembly.”

Tips on maximizing small space

Ellen and Jacobo shared amazing ideas on how to maximize the use of small space. To do so, they stacked SORTERA waste sorting bins to organise waste before recycling. The sticker on each lid helps them from getting confused.

They ENUDDEN door hanger hanging on their wardrobe is a spot for for placing items that they often use. In this way, hats, scarfs, and jackets are easy to find. When you don't want to show these items hanging, you can always take a simple step to change the direction of the hanger.

    Step inside and see the third episode of <Home visit> showing a global couple, Ellen Park and Jacobo Gil from IKEA Korea. Find out more about their creative home by watching the clip!