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IKEA co-worker home visit, the first episode

A place cozy and efficient to live alone

IKEA co-workers always look for ways to make home a better place. What would IKEA co-worker's homes look like? <Personal Home Interview> is all about getting to know the homes of people who are home experts. Step inside and see a personal place of our co-worker, Yujin Lee in IKEA Korea Marketing team.

Calm and efficient space

After passing through a busy street, we arrived at Yujin's place. The moment we open the door, a calming place opened up to us. "To create the feeling of a wider open space, walls and furnitures were decorated in white tones."

Like many one-person households living in the city, her home was a single room too. To design a place just for her, she discovered effective ways to utilize small space. Let's find out Yujin's ideas on how she made her small home so cozy and efficient.

“My place is small, but I wanted my home to still be comfortable while eating, working, and inviting friends."

All rounded kitchen for your everyday

Kitchen area was decorated in bright tones perfect for beautiful food plating.

"I cook at home most of the time." says Yujin. On top of her kitchen cabinet, she placed her everyday items. A beverage dispenser filled with her favourite barley tea was adding a calming atmosphere to her kitchen.

For Yujin, kitchen is a place for cooking, eating, working and leisure activities. She says outdoor tables and chairs can also turn into desks to save up space. When many of her friends come over, stools used as a flower pot saucer change into extra seats. We were drawn by the blinds next to her kitchen. She says blinds act as separating zones, and covering up colours of furnitures into the colours she like.

Place for hobbies and relaxing

"I like plants and books. Sometimes watching movies too." Yujin's living room was decorated in the way that she can feel more comfortable doing the things she love. She really enjoys sitting on the deep, soft easy chair. Especially because it is water repellent and made from over 90% recyclable materials. Easy chair always makes relaxing environment more cozy and comfortable for her.

“Interior design in all white tones can make a place look dull. That's why I added colours from green plants and comfortable atmosphere from subtle lighting."

Complete the look with lighting

"Try finding the right balance of sunlight and lighting." says Yujin. Yujin's tips on the fastest and easiest way to change the atmosphere of your home is to change the lights.

"With a curtain that has the right thickness, I can control the amount of daylight that comes into my house. Without it can be a little too bright my eyes." To make brightness and light directions flexible, she installed spotlights on the ceiling. At night she turns on the table lamp. It becomes useful when you watch a movie or try to create a calming atmosphere.

Small yet perfect to sleep in

"For a good night sleep, I wanted the front door to be hidden from my bed."

A large wardrobe was placed next to the bed. This separated space and created a cozy sleeping area. Putting up lights and paintings on the back of the wardrobe made it seem like a new room appeared to my single space.

“You can create more space from a single room.”

A closet useful in and out

Yujin has a unique wardrobe with mirrors on the front. Mirror doors are good for checking the whole outfit and making the room look more spacious."You can organise the inside of the wardrobe the way you want it to be." Since her wardrobe is designed to fit her style of long coats and dresses, organising clothes is simple and easy.

"People like me can easily reach high places with this wardrobe, and neatly organise their clothes."

    Step inside our very first <Personal Home Interview>! For a peaceful, efficient home of our co-worker, Yujin Lee in IKEA Korea Marketing team.