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Home office for the whole family

Is your home becoming an office? The modern way to work is becoming flexible and whether you live alone or together at home, it's important to have a workspace that's perfect for you. See how you can decorate your workspace into a happier place for you.

Two desks with different heights are placed in the middle of the room. A woman is working from a desk on the right.

Home office that knows me the best

If you're having trouble working at home, stop what you're doing to find out what makes you happy and productive in a workspace. From an atmosphere you get from working in cafes, lights that comfort your eyes, a perfect chair, and a place beside your pet - you'll be able to think of a workspace that knows you the best. Here are some ideas for you to get started.

If you need a short break, how about taking your time out embracing the Swedish tradition of 'Fika'? Have a coffee and cake break with your favourite music playing. This will give you all the energy you need for the day!

For your physical and mental wellbeing, there's nothing better than having a comfortable chair. Try the ergonomic chair designed to support your body, strengthening your muscles and spine. Changing positions between sitting and standing will help your body feel better.

Getting work done can be a challenge, especially when your adorable pet is right next to you. Try opening up a play tunnel that your cat loves, you'll concentrate better on your work while your cat enjoys playing inside the tunnel.

Home office for my small space

Having challenges to find workspace in small space? Your sense of creativity can make this happen! We have great tips and ideas to help you make your space turn into a productive workspace.

A typewriter and a lamp is on top of IVAR table, and a white chair is next to it.

Try using a fold-down desk during work hours, and fold it back up to clean up space when you're done working. It's like having two different space in a single room!

Fit in a right sized desk inside your wardrobe to create a cozy office! When you're done with work? simply close the doors to go back to your relaxing room.

Have you found a hard-to-use inbetween space in your room? A comfortable chair and a right sized desk unit can transform this space into a new office.

Home office for couples with different taste

Couples working together at home can still make their shared workspace in a way that suits them both. Put two desks together and organise the things you love in a way that saves space.

If you're a type of person who get inspired from working at a creative workspace, how about decorating a memo board with cards, badges and items you love? Keeping your important notes visible too.

Do you concentrate better working at an organised workspace? Use KVISSLE letter tray to find space for all your important documents. With everything in its place, you'll feel motivated to start working again.

Having trouble placing two desks together in a small space? We can help you make your space more productive. With NORDEN table you can easily save up space by unfolding the table only during your work hours.

Home office that doubles your love

The benefit of working from home would be spending more time with your children. You can help look after your children while working from home, and your child can learn to concentrate better in a shared family space.

Try arranging a workspace right next to the children's desk. Castors on a desk will allow you to easily move your laptop table and spend a valuable time with your child.

When your child's best friend visits your home and you're out of extra seats, don't worry. Take out a step stool used for getting into out of reach places to create an extra seat.

Taking care of your child while working can be difficult, especially when you're trying to keep track of the important documents. With a smart lock, you won't have to worry. It will safely secure your document and items.

A child pointing at the screen and a mother watching over her child are seated together at a desk.

Creative home office for kids

Home schooling began for our kids too, so they need a home office that's slightly more unique! different from the adults. Try organising a creative home office that will let your child study various subjects even at home.

A durable desk is perfect for allowing your child to become motivated with various home schooling activities - like homework, drawing etc. With a table that's adjustable and steady also on uneven floors, you'll be able to create a homeschooling desk that best suits your child.

Does your child find it hard to store away art supplies? a great way to make it easier for them is to arrange some boxes in storage combination. Kids can easily store back their sketchbooks, paint and other art supplies.

Playing sports can develop a child's motor skills and coordination. If your child is sad about missing out on Physical educaton at school, foldable gym mat can be the solution. Kids can tumble, do summersaults and play in a safe way.