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Home Furnishing Solution

Take a look below to find out more about IKEA's Seasonal home furnishing ideas.

A refreshing bathroom for your everyday

Bathroom is a place where you wash yourself to feel refreshed. Since it's a place you spend a lot of time in, you can organise your bathroom to make it neat. Organising a bathroom can be simple. Try changing the colours and materials of your bathroom products, this will give a new atmosphere to the room.

Fun time for dish-washing

We can't make washing-up go away, but we can make it a fun everyday routine! Put bubbles on your pastel dish-washing equipment, and turn on your favourite podcast or music! This will make your dish-washing time more enjoyable.

Fun day for the little boss

Looking for a new way to play with your child at home? help your child open up a fruit shop. IKEA has various items that's perfect for your little boss. Try adding a basket full of fruit and vegetables next to the toy cash register. Of course they are not for your to eat, but you can combine it with other fun games.

A romantic balcony

Spring - a season for outdoor dinner parties will be here soon! Light up your patio or balcony with cozy lighting. Nothing can be more exciting than to end your day on a chair below a sky full of stars.

A productive kitchen area

From a quick breakfast to enjoying a late-night snack, make your kitchen table a place you can neatly organise your cooking ingredients. Save your time finding whatever you need in a stylish kitchen.

Storing for your health

Frozen herbs and vegetables can preserve taste and nutrients for a long time. It's best to store these ingredients in a transparent, colour-coded reusable containers and resealable bags. You can easily see what's inside while keeping it fresh!

Start of a romantic day

Spend a special anniversary with the person you love. Make breakfast a night before, and take it to your bedroom on a tray the next morning. It will be the perfect start of a lovely day.