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Good for me, Good for my home

    Ready to make little changes in your daily life with IKEA?

    At IKEA, we are always looking for solutions to help everyone live more sustainably at home. Because we believe that even small actions can make a big difference for your home and the earth!

    Even small actions are worth celebrating!

    How do we start for sustainable living?

    We can do it right now! A little change from your usual lifestyle is the right first step for the future.

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    Choose the better one

    By choosing a more sustainable product, you are helping to create positive change for People + Planet together with us.​ Here are our best products for a more sustainable life at home.

    Good for the planet – and your wallet!

    Hang your clothes to dry, cook on a high-speed induction hob or use energy-saving blinds. Even a small thing like changing to LED bulbs can make a big difference in saving energy – and saving you money!

    Let’s sort it out together

    Store your food in a way that helps you use what you have. Bring leftovers for lunch. Create a small (or big!) waste sorting station in your home. All great things to minimize waste – and make your home a little more organized.

    Re-use and reduce

    By working with recycled materials we can both use less new raw materials and at the same time lower our environmental footprint. This is why we use recycled materials whenever possible, leading up to our goal for 2030 to only use renewable and recycled materials in our products. Wood, plastic, paper, and metal are just a few that we love to work with.

    Products that can make a difference

    Can how a rug or a pillow cover is produced make a difference? Well, all handmade rugs at IKEA are produced in a good way, with decent working conditions (and steady income) for the weavers and workers. And through collaborations with social entrepreneurs, we can give people easier access to the labor market. To us, the answer is a definite yes.

    Using wood responsibly

    We love wood because it’s durable, renewable, recyclable, and beautiful. But we must use it responsibly. This is why our goal is that all wood will come from more sustainable sources by 2020.

    Cotton grown with care

    Since 2015, all the cotton we use for IKEA products comes from more sustainable sources. This means it is grown with less water and chemicals, which can lead to increased benefits for the cotton farmers and their families.

    What else can we save with IKEA?

    What are some things we could do to care for our home, society and planet – our everyday surroundings? Find out how IKEA challenges to provide more people with a healthier, happier life.

    Good for me, Good for planet

    We are looking for new different ways to make the things we love last longer. Explore IKEA’s solutions for circularity.

    Good for me, Good for the society

    Everyone is worth a better future. IKEA is striving for a fair and just society where everyone is welcome and at home.

    Better World Starts at Home

    Practice healthy living habits for the environment in your daily life! Record what you have done on the IKEA Better Living app, share it with your friends, and encourage them together. Even small actions can make a big difference with many people.

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