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Home is the best place

Our daily life, such as going to work and school and even eating and exercising, has been changed into staying at home and the world now commonly spends the most time at home. If this makes you getting bored, why don't you make some changes to your home? IKEA has prepared some tips so that you can create a pleasant environment without being bored even if you stay for a long time every day.

A woman sits upright in bed and looks through a sunny window, while still wrapped in a cream-coloured quilt.

More than just a bedroom

Are you using the bedroom as a sleeping space? If you take advantage of the environment around your bed, you can recharge it with a comfortable rest, so there is no room like a bedroom. In order to get a good night's sleep, you have to get out of your worries about the outside world for a while.

A workspace with two black tables and two black swivel chairs, two white pendant lamps and white wall shelves.

Put the “we” back in working “week”

These days, home is becoming a private office on telecommuting. Decorate a comfortable, focused home office with IKEA.A. It creates my own efficient work space that doesn't have any stress on rush hour.

Stacked SAMLA plastic storage boxes of colour-coded clothes in the corner of a room with clothing strewn on the floor.

The time to get organised is now

If you've been staying in the house for a long time, and you're seeing more and more places that need to be cleaned up, organize the spaces in a good way. There are small products prepared to help everyone in the family live a better life.

The blue VANLIGEN vase on the wood top and the multicolored flowers in the vase, and the sky blue wall with the paint peeled off.

Let in a breath of fresh air

Now that the days are shorter and you spend more time at home. Turn your place where spending time is a pleasure, not a chore, with good mix of home furnishing ideas and feel lighter, brighter and fresher.

A beige sofa with cushions, books on a mini table in front of it, and a red chair in front of the sofa.

Easy ways to make better choices

The current situation around the world makes us all think about how we can contribute to the health and well-being of the entire planet. IKEA is always trying to make sustainable products to benefit the Earth. Meet IKEA's new products and old favourites that are more beneficial to the Earth.

IKEA 365+ glass food storage containers with food, a backpack and a drink flask in a still life with rocks and model trees.

Make the most of every morsel

The need for kitchen maintenance to store food has increased since we have to solve a lot of meals at home. As we stay at home longer than ever before, food purchases are increasing and food waste is also increasing. So IKEA thought about ways to help many people.