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Home is the best place

Creating a cosy home for time together is important.

Spend time together with your family and enjoy every moments. More fun and happier!

    It is important for both children and adults to have fun.
    Find better tomorrow. Imagination will be doubled, and laughter will grow.

      Are you looking for a different way of having fun at home? Make a drawing space where you can fully demonstrate your child's creativity! After creative activities, you and your child can easily clean up the mess.

      SPISIG Room

        Depending on the child's creativity, the kitchen playset can be transformed into a restaurant, cafe, and theater!

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          You should be able to rest as much as you spend time at home.
          Make your home a cozy and comfortable place.

          This chair was first introduced in the 1950s with the explanation of "extremely comfortable." Founder Ingvar Kamprad said it was his favorite chair. Take a relaxing time in this comfortable chair, where you can take a nap, and eat a snack.

          Classic VEDBO fits anywhere, and it adds beauty to your space. The VEDBO is lightweight and steady, so you can take a rest on this chair anytime. You can also release your stress by taking a rest on this chair.

          With all-natural light, this curtain can create your own atmosphere at home. It may not only fill the house with seasonal light but also make home as a quiet place.

          Sometimes you want to take a walk through the woods. If you embellish your room as if you are in the woods, your home turns out to be the most comfortable space.

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            Whatever you do at home, be smart!.
            Make the most focused and immersive atmosphere.

            Music is the closest shortcut to change the atmosphere of your house. Why don't you play the music you loved one's favorite and bring back your precious memories? Good music instantly creates your own space of memory.

            When you're sitting for a long time, you need to stretch your body. And it's also important to know if it's the right chair for you. That way, you can spend your time comfortably!

            When you sit on your desk for a long time, sometimes you find yourself uncomfortable. This desk can adjust the height by turning the steering wheel. You will feel refreshed, and your work or study competency will increase.

            This friend knows how to adjust the lighting with a remote control to match the mood. One button can adjust in 3 steps from warm to cold. How about changing the atmosphere of the room as you want?

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              It is not easy to encounter greenery in everyday life.
              Try to build a garden in your house and enjoy the stability of nature.

              Create a refreshing atmosphere with some space in house! With an unbalanced pot, the stand will make your home more chic.

              How can you take good care of your plants? If you display this stylishly designed pot in your space, you will only wait for the time to water your plants.

              Do you have a dream of your little secret garden? With SOCKER Greenhouse, you can even embellish small space!

              If you have green plants in your kitchen, cooking time will be more fun! It would be better if you grow plants of edible herb type, such as basil, that can be used as ingredients!

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                My comfortable house, where I want to go. You can stay comfortable by changing small things.

                How about making homemade fiber deodorant? Just mix lavender oil, distilled water, and vodka. You can maintain clean and long-lasting clothes.

                Clothes and furniture, animal hair and dust from the car, and fluff. It is hard to remove everything. But this cleaner will take care of everything. Also, this product is very handy. There's a hole in the handle so you can easily hang it.

                Sometimes you forget to run your laundry on time. But you don't have to worry about it if you have enough space to hold laundry in your laundry bag. You will be pleased when the laundry bag is empty.

                Every morning and night, it feels good to see my style of water soap container in the bathroom. You can use soap conveniently. Also, it has a small plastic leg that doesn't scratch the sink

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                  Sometimes you wonder what kind of menu you would like to eat. What about Swedish food? Everyone can easily cook Swedish food!

                  Salmon fillets & Cheese potato gratin

                    Salmon fillets represent Sweden.
                    And, it's more delicious with cheese potato gratin. 
                    Enjoy Sweden from your home. 


                      You can enjoy hot dog at IKEA Restaurant.
                      You also can enjoy hot dog at home.
                      How about enjoying my child’s favorite hotdogs?