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Let's Play 2020

IKEA's commitment to Play stems from
our goal to make everyday lives better
combined width our commitment
to children's rights.

We believe Play is an important part of better lives at home
and that homes can become great playgrounds.

We wish all homes around the world
to be a place where families can play and
live their dreams together.

소프트 토이로 만나고 싶은 그림에 투표해주세요! 소프트 토이로 만나고 싶은 그림에 투표해주세요!

아이들의 상상력이 현실이 되게 해주세요!

Vote for the drawing you like.
Top 15 drawings will be sent to IKEA of Sweden representing Korea. The 6 winning designs from various countries will be turned into a soft toy, sold in IKEA stores!


A prize for the top 15 of Korea
₩50,000 IKEA Gift Card (It will be noticed individually)

Prizes for the final winner
1. ₩1,000,000 IKEA Gift Card
2. One soft toy designed by the winner
* 22% public charge and tax will be applied.


60 customers who voted will be received a soft toy as a gift.

Voting period :
11. 27 (FRI) – 12. 3 (THU)
  • When the voting is completed, the application will be automatically entered and the winners will be notified individually.
  • 15 drawings will be selected based on the voting results and internal opinion of IKEA.

함께, 놀아요 함께, 놀아요

Find JÄTTELIK the triceratops
hiding in IKEA !

Date : 12. 01 (TUE) – 12. 25 (FRI)
Location : Gwangmyeong, Goyang, Giheung & DongBusan Stores

The Triceratops, the strongest of all dinosaurs and with the largest horns, is hiding some where in the IKEA store! Visit the store and find JÄTTELIK!

SAGOSKATT 사고스카트 2020 SAGOSKATT 사고스카트 2020

Meet our new collection designed by little artists.

Profit made from the SAGOSKATT will be donated to the 'Save the Playground' project by Save the Children for the restoration of children's right to play and improvement of play environment.