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There’s no place like my comfortable and cozy home

How are you preparing for your winter? As you spend more time at home, more ideas are needed on how to make your time at home comfortable. A soft blanket, a comfortable sofa to rest on, cozy lighting and a cup of tea to warm your body and mind will let you enjoy the cold weather.

Transform your place into a cozy home, excited for winter with a total of 802 products on sale up to 30% OFF.

The Special offer applies to all stores and online shops from October 15th to November 3rd.

15% OFF coziest sofas & sofa beds

If you feel like staying home away from the cold temperature, try finding a comfortable sofa that will make your everyday cozy! It's okay to lie down all day. Sofa beds can always transform into a comfortable bed.

See all sofa and sofa beds on sale
See all sofa and sofa beds on sale

20% OFF coziest lightings

With TRÅDFRI smart kit remote control, you can change the lighting without getting out of your warm blanket. *30 products on sale from 4 types: ÅRSTID, TRÅDFRI, LAUTERS, FADO.

See all lightings on sale
See all lightings on sale

30% OFF coziest cushion covers (cushion pads excluded)

If you want some change to your living room from the same interior, try changing three cushion covers. It's the easiest way to change the mood of your living room.

See all cushion covers on sale
See all cushion covers on sale

25% OFF coziest blankets

See all blankets that can warm and cuddle you. You can place it anywhere in your home and it will still be a beautiful decoration.

See all blankets on sale
See all blankets on sale

30% OFF coziest cups and mugs

When the cold weather makes you shiver, try drinking a warm cup of tea in a beautiful mug. The warm temperature will make you and your body feel a lot warmer.

See all mugs on sale
See all mugs on sale

A comfortable cozy home, Just for me

A key to happiness? Having your own cozy place that cuddles you and lets you fall asleep gradually. How about creating a place just for you? It will become even special during the cold weather. The combination of different coloured cushions and blankets will transform your home with a whole new atmosphere.

A person lying comfortably on a LANDSKRONA sofa resting her head on the armrest.
LANDSKRONA's soft finish in the cover and the tight fit gives this sofa a perfect balance between its comfort, functions and look.

Individually, and together - Cozier home for us

Spending time with your loved ones can make your winter become cozier.

Since it is becoming more important to take care of each other, how about spending an enjoyable time together at home?

A person reading and a person comfortably lying down are at each ends of a sofa.

Your time at home can be warm and special with TRÅDFRI light bulb, that lets you control lighting to change the mood of the room.

Talking to each other with a warm cup of tea will make you forget about the cold weather.

A comfortable cozy home, For the whole family

Families are spending more time together at home, and it is becoming more important to have a warm, cozy place for the whole family. Spend a warm winter with the whole family at your cozy home.

A man fell asleep holding his baby in his arms, and the baby is rubbing his eyes just about to fall asleep.

Gradually falling asleep

Read to your child or tell stories while lying down on a fluffy cushion. Dreaming about becoming the main character of a fairy tale can create good everyday memories.

    What type of sofa would you like?

    NORSBORG, a sofa with a removable cover. SÖDERHAMN, a module type sofa that can be used freestanding or put together depending on the size of your family. FRIHETEN that converts into a spacious bed when your have a friend visiting. All types of sofas are available for you. Plan your own sofa the way you like it. 

    • This offer is only for IKEA Family member and membership is available via IKEA Family Homepage by free.
    • This offer is applied for Sofa & Sofa beds, Lighting(TRÅDFRI, ÅRSTID, LAUTERS, FADO),Cushion cover(* prefilled cushions, cushion pads are not included), Throws and Mug with offer tag.​
    • This offer is 15% discount on sofas and sofa-beds, 20% discount on lighting products, 25% discount on throws, 30% discount on cushion covers and Mug.​
    • The offer is 15% discount on MALFORS/MOSHULT mattress 140x200 as part of combination together with SMEDSBYN sofa-bed mechanism.
    • This offer can purchase up to 10 pcs in one transaction per day for one customer.​ (Purchasable quantity can be limit depend on IKEA Store availability)
    • Some products may require assembly and fees for services including assembly and delivery are not subjected for discount.​
    • Indicated discount conditions (including specified product, discount rate, period and quantity etc.) may be subjected to change or withdrawn without any notice from IKEA due to internal policies and circumstances.​
    • Any exchange or refund of products included in this event will require a proof of purchase (receipt)