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“Perfection is unncessary for home party” IKEA Korea launches ‘IKEA HOME PARTY BOX’ event
Mon May 15 00:00:00 UTC 2017
[National]  A social event with a singer Henry, which will be held on IKEA Facebook until May 21 / Through an event draw, IKEA provides home party boxes that consist of 14 different item sets for cooking, decorating, plating, etc.
[Seoul – May 15] Home furnishing company IKEA Korea announced that it will hold ‘IKEA HOME PARTY BOX’ event with a singer Henry until May 21(Sun) to suggest its own easy and enjoyable home party solutions.

As a follow-up event of the new brandrama with the theme of ‘Perfection is Unncessary, Share Delicious Time Together’ launched in last April, IKEA will provide home party boxes that consist of 14 different item sets. The box includes IKEA items customized for various settings including cooking, decorating, and plating, so that a gift recipient can have a home party in an easier and more enjoyable way even if it isn’t perfectly prepared for. The box items can be unveiled only upon being received. Moreover, IKEA will also give out an additional present to those who upload a review post and a photo with ‘#Wanna come over to my house?’ hashtag, which shows their party scene with the box items on their social channels.

Henry said, “I collaborated with IKEA for this event because I often have a home party with my friends and also huge interest in home furnishing including interior design”, adding, “The way to enjoy home parties more easily and pleasantly is to be free from any pressure for perfect preparations. Since IKEA home party box consists of a wide arrange of items that people can more comfortably have with their families and friends at home, it is recommendable for those who have thought a home party as a difficult task to try out and make a full use of it.”

Nicholas Johnsson, IKEA Korea Country Marketing Manager, said, “As a follow-up event of our new brandrama launched in April, we wanted to continuously highlight the need to focus on the moment of being together rather than worrying about what needs to be prepared perfectly.”, adding, “With the IKEA home party box, we hope that more people can share and enjoy happy moments with their loved ones at home.”

Anyone can register for the event on IKEA facebook page until May 21(Sun), while a home party box recipient will be announced personally. Various episodes of Henry’ planning and enjoying home party with IKEA home party boxes have been released through IKEA website and digital channels. For more information, please visit the IKEA Korea website.