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Scandinavian, stylish and storage-friendly

Creating a neat and coordinated living room, with dedicated storage space for both children and grown-ups, is absolutely doable – even if it’s a small space.

FLISAT toy storage makes it easy to move many books and toys at once – perfect when you want a clean and tidy living room in an instant!

Let your kids show off their playful projects on SÖDERGARN memo board; clips and magnets make it easy to rearrange and change what’s displayed.

SMARRA box in bamboo lets you see what’s stored inside without having to open the lid. Stylish and convenient!

Stackable stools, like KYRRE, offer extra seating without taking up much space when not needed.

A DIHULT pouffe with handle is lying on a living room rug, and it offers a comfy and spacious seat for children.

A comfortable pouffe, like DIHULT, offers a cosy place where your children can read and play.

HAVSTEN easy chair can stand both indoors and outdoors, so it’s easy to expand the number of seats (no matter where you and your guests want to sit!).