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A professional space that blends seamlessly with your home

Colour-coordination that blends seamlessly with the rest of your home creates an uncluttered and stylish atmosphere. Here's how to combine style, comfort and smart storage solutions into perfection.

The sturdy table top of the height-adjustable BEKANT is made of linoleum which consists of 100% natural materials, such as powdered limestone and linseed oil.

NILSERIK black/VISSLA black standing support in front of a sit-stand desk with computer screen in a workspace.

Change position during the day for an ergonomic and healthy life – NILSERIK standing support, together with BEKANT that's height-adjustable, makes it easy for you. And what's even better: they look so good together!

Spare your floor from scratches, coffee spills and dirty shoes by using a floor protector. A transparent one let's your beautiful wooden floor shine through which creates a clean and coordinated look.

ALEX drawers on castors are easily moved to your desk when you want close-at-hand reach to what's inside them.

A colour-coordinated look throughout your home makes everything blend beautifully. LANDSKRONA in black creates a strong and expressive look together with dark blue furniture.