NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm
NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm
NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm
NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm

Say “good-bye” to the chair that’s overloaded with clothes and say “hello” to this multi-functional clothes rack - perfect to hang semi-dirty clothes and organise the clutter in your bedroom or hallway.

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The assembly screws also work as hooks for hanging additional items such as bags, scarfs and jackets.Create a complete storage solution by combining the different functions in the NIKKEBY series. Together, clothes rail, drawers, shelves and hooks can help you organise your home. NIKKEBY clothes rack holds about 8-20 shirts on hangers.One shelf holds about 1-2 pair of shoes.Designer

L Hilland/J Karlsson

  • Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • NIKKEBYClothes rackArticle no:304.476.93
    Width: 38 cmHeight: 6 cmLength: 159 cmWeight: 8.60 kgPackage(s): 1
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45 cm
40 cm
170 cm


NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm

Embrace that pile of clothes

When we asked people around the world about their storage challenges, handling a pile of clothes stood out as one of the foremost ones. We all know clothes which are neither ready for washing nor fresh enough to be hung in the closet. Traditional furniture does not solve this storage need and it encouraged us to create NIKKEBY ― a more flexible storage solution. It’s a new kind of furniture, simply put.

Johan Lagerström is a product developer and together with a team of designers, he began to explore how storage furniture could deal with piles of clothes ― and provide as much functionality and flexibility as possible.

Not your usual piece of furniture

"We wanted to develop something that is more open and can be freestanding in the middle of a room, so we needed to think outside the box when it comes to traditional furniture", explains Johan. The solution was to make different parts ― a clothes stand, shelves and a chest of drawers ― which can be combined and moved around based on needs and which can be accessed from different sides. "We made the drawers out of a perforated metal so that they are well-ventilated when you put away a shirt that you’ve used one day but isn’t ready for washing."

Hooks hide screws

Early in the process, the team realised how important it was to have hooks on NIKKEBY. "Hooks are perfect when you want to hang things up and access clothes and things quickly and easily, but not all walls are suitable for drilling screw holes," explains Johan. The idea to fix the hooks over all mounting screws to hide them was something Johan thought of in his bathroom. "I had a shower mixer at home with a similar solution", says Johan. "Sometimes solutions appear at the most unexpected moments ― like when standing in the shower."

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Functional solution

Embrace that pile of clothes

Recognise clothes piling up every day during the week? But what to do with garments which are neither ready for washing nor fresh enough to be hung in the closet? Traditional furniture doesn’t really solve this problem, and it encouraged us to develop a more flexible storage. NIKKEBY is a new kind of furniture that you can move around and place where it suits you ― and which takes care of that pile of clothes.

Clothes rack, grey-green45x170 cm

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NIKKEBY Clothes rack, grey-green, 45x170 cm


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