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Welcome Gaming Home

In the mind of every player, the game is more than just a fun pastime. Games are a way to relax and communicate with others. For some players, games are life. When we set out to design a new series of products for enthusiastic gamers, IKEA stepped into a brand new gaming world.

Enjoy the game

Although IKEA is an expert in the field of home life, it is a fledgling player in the gaming industry. Therefore, we decided to work hand in hand with well-known experts in the Republic of Gamers (ROG) to better understand the daily lives of loyal PC gamers. The gaming tables and chairs, storage space and accessories that we have developed can help more players win.

    Sit comfortably to have fun!

    Our gaming chairs are powerful, ergonomically designed, and durable, which can help you improve your gaming record and win even better performance. They are also very beautiful and can be harmoniously matched with other furniture in your home. Let's start the game!

    Choose a good table for better performance

    High-performance games require high-performance gaming tables. Our game table can accommodate 2 to 3 monitors and your other equipment. Not only can you have a convenient space to make your desktop devices within reach, you can even customize the game desktop. Now it's time to upgrade your gaming experience.

    Powerful storage, properly store your equipment

    Players generally have a lot of electronic equipment and cables, and it will be a mess if you don't organize them. So we took the engineer’s toolbox as inspiration to develop a convenient and easy-to-use storage unit for storage; and used IKEA products as the design inspiration to create new pegboards and accessories, allowing players to display their game equipment to the full.

    Small accessories, big difference

    Your desk belongs to your private space and should be arranged as you wish! We provide a variety of accessories for players to choose from-with a mobile phone holder ring light to give you full space; the headset holder can help you quickly pick up the headset to enter the "battle" at the beginning of the game; the cup holder can also prevent overturning during the game The embarrassment of the drink.

    IKEA x ROG collaboration

    We have launched a series of e-sports equipment jointly with the well-known game brand: ASUS Republic of Gamers.

    Too many choices, don't know how to match?

    We can provide you with professional matching advice and one-stop procurement services.