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What’s new in the IKEA range

Embrace Autumn​

Rich earthy colours and rustic natural material, bring the essences to create a warm inviting space with a modern twist.​

Stylish storage solutions

No space? No problem. Our newest products are perfect for keeping even the smallest spaces organised.

See more of this small space solution
See more of this small space solution

New ways to help your kids get more creative

You can spark creativity and encourage play with these new additions to the MÅLA art supplies series – artwork storage and the cardboard town template set.

See the MÅLA series
See the MÅLA series
A gallery of new design ideas featuring new arrivals in the IKEA product range.

New arrivals to give your home a boost

Find out more about many new products and how you can use them to make your home even better.

See the full gallery of new design ideas

Introducing the ENHET bathroom series

The modular ENHET bathroom series allows you to create a flexible bathroom that is easy to assemble and customise for life’s many changing phases – or when you just want to show a little more of your personality. Change doors, mix colours, and combine open and closed storage to create a bathroom that is uniquely you

See the EHNET series
See the EHNET series