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IKEA for Business

Taking care of business together

If there’s anything you need help with when it comes to furnishing your business premises so you can make your business fly, simply ask! Discuss your ideas with design professionals, check out the online planning tools or visit the IKEA for Business team in the store.

Feel free to contact by phone (English is available)
Phone: 050-4560-0496(​10:00-18:30 *excl. Sundays and holidays)
*Many wrong calls have been made. Check the number carefully.  It is IP phone starting with 050.

IKEA digital gift cards for your business

IKEA digital gift cards can be sent as employee benefits or as gifts to business partners. You can set the amount of the card and choose from a variety of designs to create a digital gift card that suits your purpose.

*We will contact you by the next day (excluding Sundays and holidays) after your application.
*We only accept credit cards for payment.

About IKEA gift card balance/terms and conditions

Perchase IKEA digital gift card

Furnish your business for cosy creativity

Whatever your type of business, space is an opportunity. Organise your space so that it inspires collaboration. Hidden storage and flexible furniture deliver clarity, comfort and create a climate for success.

See the gallery of ideas for your business
2 white TOMMARYD tables in white/oak stand either side of a screen.
2 white modular sofas with grey cushions around 2 round coffee tables. Decorative panels in grey tones hang from the ceiling.
See the gallery of ideas for your business

Planning tool

Create your own office with 3D image.

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Online planning

We hear your needs and provide the solution by online.

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Delivery service

We deliver to you.

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Need support to assemble?

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Interior design service

IKEA offers a comprehensive interior design service for all your business needs. So whatever you need, from lighting ideas to storage tips, the interior designers are happy to help. *This service is available only in Japanese.

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For existing IKEA Business Network members

*If you haven't logged in since 1 July 2021, please reset your password. Click "Forgot your password?" on login page.