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Gift to make your loved ones smile

Are you looking for a special gift?

Introducing IKEA classic interior goods such as children's toys and desks that are perfect for birthday gifts, home appliances that enrich your life a little, and telework products that make your work at home easier. Give your loved one a smile with a fashionable and practical gift.

Home appliances that make your days convenient and stylish

Our home appliances don't only make life more convenient but are good to display. It fits perfectly to give those who value functionality as well as design. Smart lighting may not look as glamorous, but it's a perfect gift for smart home lovers.

See more home electronics
See more home electronics

Express your gratitude.

From comforting items to decoration item, check out gift ideas that express your gratitude.

A gift for a comfortable telework

Would you like to support your family or partners who are working hard on telework with practical items? A wagon is nice to put away for work tools, and a sit and stand desk is good for your health and it helps to work efficiently.

See Home Office Solutions page
See Home Office Solutions page

HÄSTHAGE collection

A symbol of Sweden, the Dala horse has been used as the motif for these simple and functional items that fit perfectly with the Japanese way of living. It's paired with a silver birch pattern inspired by the rich Nordic landscape. Perfect for everyday use or as a gift.

Playful and iconic items

EFTERTRÄDA collection, a collection of clothes and small items with the official logo, is perfect for a small gift. Inspired by Tokyo Culture, this product was created from a partnership between IKEA of Sweden and IKEA Japan.

See EFTERTRÄDA collection
See EFTERTRÄDA collection