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Throw the ultimate end-of-summer party

In our opinion, the Kräftskiva (crayfish party) might just be the perfect event. Delicious food, totally festive, and a send-off to the best time of year. Oh, and super duper Swedish. Here’s what we eat, how we pull it all together, and how you can, too (any time of year).

Close-up of a serving stand filled with crayfish.
Close-up of a serving stand filled with crayfish.

What it’s all about

So what’s the deal? Well, back in the day crayfish harvesting was legally limited to late August. These days we can get our hands on crayfish all year round (you can get yours at your local IKEA store), but the traditional feast is still an August mainstay. Now it’s become more about gathering friends and loved ones together for one last summer hurrah.

No one really gets full on crayfish alone (you’d have to eat A LOT of them). So besides the piles of crayfish with dill
, you can expect lots of bread, butter, Västerbotten cheese, and cheese pies. And it’s customary to wash it all down with beer and snaps (a small but strong shot of liquor). Count us in!

    Time to sing!
    It’s just not a crayfish party without some crazy songs (in Swedish, of course). Traditionally, you can’t drink snaps without first singing a song. We know it can be a little confusing, so we asked some of our coworkers to help us put together this little video. Now, you’ve got all you need for a killer kräftskiva.