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Make an old room feel new – hang a picture!

For a fast, easy and affordable way to update a room, turn its walls from a blank canvas into a showcase for eye-catching pictures, paintings and graphic artwork.

A wicker chair and footstool and artwork on a white wall.
A wicker chair and footstool and artwork on a white wall.

Here are a few tips for using art to bring a room to life… If you’re hanging a cluster of pictures, pick a theme to pull them together. It could be a colour, a subject (the sea), a style (typography), or photos of loved ones. Hang pictures that you like! Good art is a mood booster and because it’s subjective, you’ll get the most benefit from looking at pictures that capture your imagination! Play with scale and pattern – a small picture hung off-centre on a wall, a wall full of pictures put up in no order…

A print of a vintage car on a road.
A print of a mountain in the mist and trees.
A print of a blue sea sparkling in the sun.
A print of a prickly plant.
A print of tall cacti in green and blue.
A painting of an artichoke.
We have a strong and simple vision about art at IKEA, and it’s that art should be accessible for the many people and it belongs in the home, not just in galleries or museums

Henrik Most, creative leader at IKEA

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