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An advent calendar castle for kids

Children can’t wait until the big holiday, can they? Our DIY advent calendar KOMPLEMENT castle idea helps them keep track of how many days (or sleeps) are left, so they don’t have to keep asking you! Plus they get a little treat—and you can reuse the calendar, too.

An advent calendar display with paper trees on a table and a castle hanging on a wall.
An advent calendar display with paper trees on a table and a castle hanging on a wall.

You will need a KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger and lots of paper—like MÅLA paper decoration set with corrugated cardboard sheets, tissue paper and more. Then grab a ruler, tape, glue, scissors, a pen, a stapler and wrapping paper. Sticker numbers are great, but you can always just write.

STEP 1 We chose to hang KOMPLEMENT on LOSJÖN toilet roll holder (minus its bright green knob) because it attaches to the wall with double-sided tape. It can fasten with screws, too. You can cut snowy circles to decorate the wall or use FIXA floor protectors like we did.

STEP 2 Make the inserts with corrugated cardboard sheets. Measure how deep they will sit in a ring. (Ours are 7 cm.) Cut 18 strips and staple each into a circle. Trace a KOMPLEMENT ring to determine the size of the tops. Cut 18 tops. Glue or tape a top onto each insert. Fill them up and place them in.

STEP 3 Make trees with thick, coloured paper or wrapping paper. Each tree is a stack of cones. Hold a piece of paper horizontally. Fold a top corner inward while pulling the other top corner over it. Tape down the flap and cut off the uneven bottom. Repeat a few times and stack them on.

STEP 4 Make a castle tower and wall topper. This part has a few measurement details, so we made a tower and wall instructional pdf. Be sure to number your calendar, and maybe add fake cotton snow! Have kids remove each insert and grab the present from the back, so you can use the calendar again.

Interior designer: Nathalie Kamkum
Digital designer: Lasse Johansson
Copywriter: Marissa Frayer
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell