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Sofa and mattress take back service

Need to make room for your new sofa or mattress?

On delivery of your new IKEA mattress or sofa, we are happy to take the old one away and recycle/reuse/dispose of it for you. Free of charge. 

Free of charge

Content of service

On delivery of your new mattress or sofa, we’ll take the old one away and recycle/reuse/dispose of it for you.
We will take the same product/same size/ same quantity. If the item we remove can’t be reused, we recycle it - making sure it has the minimum possible impact on the environment.

How to use

When shopping at a IKEA store

When buying new sofa or mattress, place the order to take back a old product with the in-store staff at the same time as you book the Delivery Service with to the Room option ( ¥5,500).

Sorry. Not available from City shops (IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, IKEA Shinjuku).

When shopping at IKEA Online Store

Sorry. This Service is not available.

Service Area

Please note that the collection date varies according to the area.

Products to take back

Please check below whether your product can be taken back or not.

Products to take back

  • Sofa 
  • Mattress


Products not to take back (We do not take back the following items even with charge).

  • Furniture other than sofa or mattress
  • Bed frames, Day bed frames
  • Water bed mattresses
  • Rattan-made sofa
  • Electrical powered reclining sofa
  • Sofa which is separated with wooden frame and cushion part
  • Armchairs, Rocking chairs, Benches, Stools
  • Extremely Fouling product


  • We offer Take Back Service only to customers who purchased new IKEA sofa and mattress with delivery. You can not apply for Take Back Service only.
  • Once taken back, products will not be returned.
  • This Service is available only for ordinary (non-business) customers.
  • Take Back Service is available only when you purchase new sofa or mattress at IKEA Store and book Delivery Service.
  • Please be aware that you can not apply for Take Back Service at any later point of time than purchase time or on the delivery date.
  • Service Area may be subject to change without notice. Please kindly check the latest information from "Service Area" when using the Service.
  • When you use Parcel Delivery Service, Take Back Service is not available because it is operated by different delivery company.
  • When our staff judge it difficult to carry in or out the furniture on the site, the following will apply.
  • This includes the case where you have disassembled your furniture insufficiently.
  • - Deliver new sofa or mattress.
  • - Cancel Take Back Service. Cancel both delivery of new sofa or mattress and take-back of old one. Delivery Fee is not refundable.
  • - Deliver new sofa or mattress and take back old one on the later date by using crane (Fee is separately quoted and you need additional charge for hanging delivery)
  • This service may be terminated without prior notice.

Are you planning to buy large furniture?

Checkpoint 1

Please be aware that in some case,
products with a large package such as sofa, mattress or PAX wardrobe, cannot be carried into a room of choice.
Check the package size and the route to your room before shopping.

Checkpoint 2

Be sure to check the route to the room of choice.

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