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Phone & Chat Purchase

Simply contact us by phone or chat and we are happy to help you with your IKEA purchase of any product which doesn’t need planning via phone.All you need to do is to just make a phone call or send a chat to our Customer Support Center.

Phone Purchase service is available for corporate customers as well.

* Shipping from IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya and IKEA Shinjuku is not available.
* Outlet products, store offer products and some collections can not be ordered by phone.
* We only accept credit card payment for private customers.  We accept credit card or Invoice payment for Business Customers.

Free delivery campaign​​

Free delivery when you purchase 30,000 yen or more within the main area.  ​

Available at IKEA stores, IKEA online store, and Phone & Chat purchases​!​​


​Until 28 December 2022​​

*Conditions apply 

    • ​It is also free to bring into the room if you purchase over 30,000 yen.
    • For purchases of 30,000 yen or more, the delivery fee outside the main area will be 4,500 yen less the entrance delivery fee. (Example: 9,800 yen instead of the usual 14,300 yen).
    • ​This campaign applies to IKEA Pick-up Point service. The regular fee of 6,800 yen, 5,300 yen, or 3,900 yen is free.
    • ​This campaign applies to parcel delivery service. If you use the service at a store, one package for every 30,000 yen will be delivered free of charge.
    • ​This campaign applies to Click & Collect service.
    • ​Optional fees for the delivery services are not included.​
    • This campaign may not apply to IKEA for Business customer.
    • ​IKEA Restaurant, Bistro, Swedish food market purchases and Service fees are excluded.​
    • Only one shipping address can be specified for this campaign.​
    • If the return of a product makes the purchase ineligible for the campaign, the delivery fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
    • ​The earliest possible delivery date will depend on the number of orders received.
    • ​The free delivery campaign only applies while the purchase is above 30,000 yen after the coupon and discounts applied.​
    • A separate quotation may be required for Business use who place bulk orders. Please contact IKEA for Business for details.
    • Please be sure to let us know when you order if you would like to carry it in your room or hand it over at your door. We do not accept changes after payment.

Delivery service fee

The delivery fee varies depending on the store that delivers your items to your home.
* If the items are out of stock in the nearest stores, you can receive items from other stores via Phone & chat Purchase, with additional delivery fee.

when you purchase 30,000 yen or more: 

. Main area Outside the main area
At the doorFree5,300 yen discount off the shipping fee
In the roomFree6,300 yen discount off the shipping fee

Search delivery fee by postal code

*Regular fee will be displayed.

Phone Purchase


Opening Hours

Individual Customers
10:00-19:00 (Everyday)

Business Customers
10:00-18:30  (Weekdays and Saturdays)

Automatic Voice Guidance

Individual Customers
2. For English → 3. For support to buy and general information

Business Customers
2. For English  → 1. Business customers → 2. For support to buy and general information

* Toll call: Land phone: 8.5yen/3mins Cell Phone: 10yen/20secs.

Chat Purchase

To order via chat, please go to Japanese Phone & Chat Purchase page.
*Only Japanese is supported.

Opening Hours
10:00-19:00 (Everyday)

Terms and conditions

See details >

Remote Shopping Support

This servivce is for ordering by phone, remote planning service such as interior and storage furniture, design service for office and store for business.

See details