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Too big or heavy to carry? No Problem!

If your purchase is too big for your car or you come to IKEA Store without a car,
our Delivery Service is right for you.

  • 【Parcel:Area where delivery will be delayed】 
    Hokkaido: All area 
    Okayama: Some area 

    To check the detailed status of your delivery, please contact Customer Support Centre.

    If you used parcel delivery service at store, you can check at Sagawa Express website by using Tracking numbers on delivery slip.

    Customer support center 0570-01-3900
    [ Opening hour] 10:00~19:00

    Sagawa Express Parcel trucking service

Delivery Service Fee

Delivery from the store or online orders
Delivery at the door ¥4,500
Delivery to your room ¥5,500

*Delivery service fee vary depending on the area.

Search delivery service fee by Zip code

Track Your Orders

You can check your oneline purchase history from the link below.  Please prepare your order number and email adress (or  mobile phone number) you used to made a purchase.

Both truck and parcel delivery order statuses can be checked by following the links below.

Shipping Large products?

If you are thinking about purchasing large-size furniture such as Sofa/Mattress/PAX Wardrobe, etc. please note that large package products such as sofa may not pass through narrow doors or stairs to your room. Please check the package size and delivery route before purchasing. 

Checkpoint 1

Check the package size. This information can be found in product information of each article page. 

Checkpoint 2

Check the route to your room / apartment. 

  • Width, height and depth of the elevator cargo.
  • Width and height of stairs and landing.
  • Width and height of the corridor and whether the corridor turns or not.
  • Width and height of the door.

Additional Charges to Delivery Service

Following additional charge is required when relevant additional work is necessary for your delivery.

Storage fee
If you want to have your purchases delivered after 15 days from the purchase date,
storage fee is required.
(Non-refundable, detention up to 30 days)

Outlet product packing price
¥2,500/ per item
When delivering an outlet Product, this charge will apply because Product is not packed.
Delivery of Outlet Product is available only within Main Area of each IKEA Store.

Delivery-into-room Charge
For Business use who place bulk orders, Delivery-into-room Charge may be separately quoted. (For ordinary customers, Please select delivery service with to the Room option.)

Carrying-up Charge
6~10th Floor (Max. 100 kg per 1 order):¥11,000
Every 5 more floors:+¥11,000
Over 100kg per 1 order :Quoted as necessary

Hanging-up/down (including delivery-into-room charge)
work by 4 people:¥17,050~/per product
Additional person:+¥11,000

Crane and Truck with crane

Quoted as necessary

Building Protection Charge
Quoted as necessary

Designated-time-delivery Service (only for Kitchen)
You may designate delivery time in one-hour time window. Only within Main Area. ¥6,600

Small item delivery services

Parcel Delivery

Click and Collect

Pick up items purchased online at your local IKEA store.

See details

IKEA Pick-up Point

Pick up your goods directly from IKEA Pick-up Point

See details

Parcel delivery

Delivery service can be used from one accessory product.

See details