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Buyback & Resell

With Buyback & Resell, you sell us used IKEA furniture you don’t need in a safe, streamlined way year-round. You’ll get IKEA credit. Someone else buys your old stuff second hand from us and gives it a new home. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

Two people are in the Circular Market or As-Is area of an IKEA store. One sits on a white dining table while they talk.

IKEA Family members earn up to 10% more

We'll buy back your old IKEA furniture and give it new life

What your used furniture is worth varies, but you’ll get more for better condition, as-new pieces. We’re rolling out Buyback & Resell, so all IKEA products aren’t currently eligible. Use our estimator to see what you can earn and decide if you’d like us to buy back your IKEA furniture. If so, we’ll resell it with other second hand IKEA furniture in the Circular Market at our stores.

Secondhand Article Dealer Act

イケアTokyo-Bay (IKEA Tokyo-Bay)

  • 許可を受けている公安委員会の名称:千葉県公安委員会
  • 古物商許可:441040002310

City shops are not receiving furniture, Please use Pick up service or other stores to bring your furniture.

How to use

After confirming the usage method and terms of use, please apply from the link above, and  simulate the preliminary purchase price of the furniture you want to sell.

Step 1

Please select the same item that you want to sell from the list of furniture.

Step 2

Please select the condition of each furniture from three levels, based on how much it has used or damaged. Please refer here for examples of conditions (as good as new / very good / good).

Step 3

Please check the preliminary purchase price and place your application with your Email address entered. Estimation number found in the Email. If you have more than 1 furniture to sell to IKEA, please submit another application per furniture.

Step 4

<If you bring furniture to the store yourself>

  1. Within 30 days of issuing the estimation number, please bring the furniture you wish to sell to the Return and Exchange counter at your local store with the estimation number as well as IKEA Family or IKEA Business Network Number.(Except IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, IKEA Shinjuku) 
  2. After the staff confirms the condition of the furniture and the value, you will be paid the buyback value with a return card.

<If you want to send furniture to the store>

  1. Please apply for collection by delivery from the link of “Pick-up Request form” For Pick-up in the Email, you will be charged 4,550~ shipping* in advance depending on the amount of goods. (The pick-up request is only available within the main area of each store)
  2. Within a week after applying,we will send email about fixed fee for pickup. If you want to proceed the pick-up, please pay and let us know your desired pick-up date.
  3. After confirmation of the furniture you sent has completed at the store, you will receive an email with the confirmed buyback value.
  4. We will pay back you with a Return card at the store you selected.

What IKEA furniture does IKEA buy back?

Furniture IKEA buys back

  • Office furniture (Desk, chair, storages)
  • Kitchen trolley
  • Stool
  • Bar stool
  • Chair
  • Table
  • High table
  • Sofa table
  • Display cabinet
  • Open shelving unit
  • Wall shelf
  • System cabinet
  • TV bench
  • Bedside table
  • Solitaire wardrobe
  • Armchair
  • Bookcase

Second hand furniture IKEA doesn’t buy back

  • Non-IKEA furniture, furniture without IKEA Logo
  • Furniture that have been used outside including outdoor furniture
  • Bedframe, Mattresses, bed textiles (such as blankets and mattress toppers)
  • Sofa, Sofa bed
  • Furniture size of 3 dimensions more than 3 .8m
  • Home furnishing accessories including lighting and textiles
  • Furniture for baby such as Beds and Cots
  • Furniture containing glass
  • Deflection, distortion, cracking, lack of parts
  • Problem with the function in the use of the furniture
  • Significant dirt, smell, and break such as mold, stains, rust
  • Not assembled correctly or has been remodeled
  • Dismantled (If you need to dismantle to bring it, please reassembling it at the store by yourself.)


  • The preliminary purchase price is not our fixed buyback value. After confirming the furniture at the IKEA store, we will determine the final buyback value. We may refuse the furniture if they are not eligible furniture or condition we cannot accept.
  • Furniture that cannot be bought is taken home by customer under the Secondhand Article Dealer Act, please bring one of the following identification documents (within the expiration date) when visiting the store or receiving a return card.
    1. Japanese driver's license
    2. Passport or residence card
    3. Other official certificates with photos
  • After you satisfied with the final buyback value, the purchase agreement is concluded. After the purchase agreement is concluded, the contract cannot be canceled due to customer's convenience.
  • When using pick up delivery, please hand over the furniture as it is assembled. We cannot accept anything that cannot be carried out without dismantlement.
  • *The Pick up fee is depending on the weight and number of furniture. As a guide, it costs from 4,550 yen~ for one small piece of furniture, and 5,350 yen~ for one piece with heavy weight such as bookshelf and chest of drawers. In the case of multiple, it will be calculated based on our criteria according to the total amount of furniture.
  • Anything that cannot be carried through the normal delivery path cannot be taken. Please check the shape and dimensions of elevators, entrances, stairs, etc. before applying. If the local pickup staff determines that it is difficult to ensure safety on the day, we will not accept it. In that case, we are not able to refund delivery fee. 
  • Depending on the volume we need to arrange a charter delivery, you will need more time than usual to quote the pickup delivery fee.
  • If you use pickup for buyback, we will notify your final buyback value via email. Please reply your acceptance/cancellation via email within 10 days of the notification. If you do not reply in the period, we will charge fee for storage. For details, please refer toTerms and Conditions(Japanese only).

 Frequently asked questions

  • All stores except city shops (IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, IKEA Shinjuku, IKEA for Business Shibuya) can accept buyback. Please bring your furniture to Return & Exchange counter on the 1st floor, with the estimation number issued. 

  • No, this service is limited for assembled furniture only. If you bring dismantled furniture to a store, please reassemble it by yourself in the store. 

  • You can find pre-loved furniture at the Circular Market of each store, except city shops(IKEA Harajuku, IKEA Shibuya, IKEA Shinjuku, IKEA for Business Shibuya). Pre-loved furniture we sell are depending on the store. 

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to buy back our full range of furniture.IKEA Buy-back is just one option to give your furniture a second life. If it is time to retire your furniture, please consider other recycling options or donating it to charity. 

  • Yes, the estimation number is valid for 30 days.  

  • Yes, you can cancel your use of this service. When you bring the furniture at store by yourself, let the staff know about your cancellation. If you use pick-up, you need to tell us about your cancellation via e-mail, within 10 days of the notification for final buyback value.  Furniture must be taken to your home by yourself or returned by cash on delivery. Please refer to  Terms and Conditions(Japanese only) for details.

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