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Dining chairs

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Other colours/finishes availableLIDÅS Chair

LIDÅS Chair, blue/Sefast blackLIDÅS Chair, blue/Sefast whiteLIDÅS Chair, green/Sefast chrome-plated

Other colours/finishes availableKARLPETTER Chair

KARLPETTER Chair, Gunnared medium grey/Sefast whiteKARLPETTER Chair, Gunnared medium grey/Sefast chrome-platedKARLPETTER Chair, Gunnared light green/Sefast chrome-plated

Other colours/finishes availableADDE Chair

ADDE Chair, black

Other colours/finishes availableHANSOLA Chair

HANSOLA Chair, bamboo/Kimstad blackHANSOLA Chair, bamboo brown/Hillared anthraciteHANSOLA Chair, bamboo black/Kimstad black

Other colours/finishes availableNORDMYRA Chair

NORDMYRA Chair, oakNORDMYRA Chair, bamboo/white

Other colours/finishes availableÖSTANÖ Chair

ÖSTANÖ Chair, red-brown Remmarn/red-brown

Other colours/finishes availableKÄTTIL Chair

KÄTTIL Chair, white/Knisa light grey

Other colours/finishes availableLISABO Chair

LISABO Chair, black

Other colours/finishes availableODGER Chair

ODGER Chair, white/beigeODGER Chair, red

Other colours/finishes availableTEODORES Chair

TEODORES Chair, blueTEODORES Chair, dark greyTEODORES Chair, black

Other colours/finishes availableKLINTEN Chair

KLINTEN Chair, brown/Kilanda light beigeKLINTEN Chair, brown/Kilanda dark grey

Other colours/finishes availablePINNTORP Chair

PINNTORP Chair, light brown stained/Katorp naturalPINNTORP Chair, red stained

Other colours/finishes availableBERGMUND Chair

BERGMUND Chair, oak effect/Gunnared medium greyBERGMUND Chair, white/Kvillsfors dark blue/blueBERGMUND Chair, white/Gunnared medium grey

Other colours/finishes availableLILLÅNÄS Chair

LILLÅNÄS Chair, chrome-plated/Grann beigeLILLÅNÄS Chair, chrome-plated/Grann golden-brownLILLÅNÄS Chair, chrome-plated/Bomstad golden-brown

Other colours/finishes availableJANOLOF Swivel armchair

JANOLOF Swivel armchair, Bomstad black

Other colours/finishes availableEKEDALEN Chair

EKEDALEN Chair, white/Orrsta light grey

Other colours/finishes availableFILSBÄCK Chair

FILSBÄCK Chair, brass-colour/Djuparp dark green-blue

Other colours/finishes availableFANBYN Chair

FANBYN Chair, grey brown wood effect/in/outdoor

Other colours/finishes availableJANOLOF Swivel dining chair

JANOLOF Swivel dining chair, Gunnared medium grey
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