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Armchairs & chaise longues

Easy to move, easy to love

Lightweight and comfy, there’s always room for one or two LINNEBÄCK easy chairs.

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Two LINNEBÄCK easy chairs with black metal frames and Orrsta olive green covers facing in different directions in a room.
The top of the frame and the backrest and seat of a LINNEBÄCK easy chair with a black metal frame and an olive green cover.
See all fabric armchairs

Relax and recharge in a comfortable armchair

Whether you want to create a comfortable reading nook or a flexible spot for watching TV or listening to music, a classic armchair will do the trick. Go for a stackable and lightweight rattan chair or one that adds privacy with a high-back panel and soft, rounded armrests and back cushion.

A reading nook with a yellow armchair, a black reading lamp, grey-turquoise cabinets by the window with books and boxes.
A rattan armchair, dark green throw, cushions, a cup of tea on a coffee table and a flatwoven rug.