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One-day routines for comfortable teleworking (First part)

Introducing routines for families to support a comfortable time at home, such as the awakening and refreshing morning routine, which creates an environment around the desk that enhances the concentration of telework, supporting the separation of on and off, and spending time to relax.

Create a comfortable bed environment for a pleasant morning. By adding color to the room, you can refresh your mood.

Telework gives you a little more time in the morning than usual. Let's start your day with a delicious breakfast. Eating in the morning till wake your body and recharges the energy for a fulfilling day. Using your favorite tableware will make the breakfast more delicious and enjoyable.

Make effective use of limited space to create a working environment at home so you can concentrate on your work without stress just like as you would be at work. Incorporating a little idea will make it easier to balance telework and everyday life at home.