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Best Small Storage Solutions for Home

Looking for solutions that make tidying up easy? Enter IKEA! We have everything you need to store all everyday essentials from stationery to clothing to extra rolls of toilet paper.

Essential Storage|WorkspaceKitchen & PantryClothingToysSpace Savers

Essential Storage

Many different sizes to choose from

Each of our product series come in different sizes, so you can be sure to find the perfect size for your strorage needs. Storage boxes and containers from each series stack on top of each other nicely and they look great together. 

Essential Storage|Workspace|Kitchen & PantryClothingToysSpace Savers

Workspace Storage

Choose the storage suitable for the items

Save time on what you are looking for by storing according to items with suitable storage

Essential StorageWorkspace|Kitchen & Pantry|ClothingToySpace Saver

Kitchen & Pantry Storage

Make the most of small space

Add shelf againt the wall to increase the storage space, and store small items in boxes that are easily taken in and out of the cabinet. 

Essential StorageWorkspaceKitchen & Pantry|Clothing|ToysSpace Savers

Clothes storage

Maximise your space

Store your seasonal clothes under the bed or use multi-hanger to maximese your closet space

Essential StorageWorkspaceKitchen & PantryClothing|Toys|Space Savers

Toy storage

Take your favorite toy everywhere!

Put your favorite toy in a box or case that's easy to carry, and take it wherever you like

Essential StorageWorkspaceKitchen & PantryClothingToys|Space Savers

Slim shelves

Use the smallest gaps wisely

Even if there is only a gap of 30 cm, our shelving units can fit exactly there and give you some more space to store your daily necessities.

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