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Picnic at Home! 45 Picnic Must-Haves

What better way to enjoy warm weather than a picnic? Parks and beaches are usually our top destinations for a picnic, but have you tried a picnic at home? Get some ideas and latest products right here and make your next picnic a little more special and memorable.

Balcony and Backyard|Indoor | Outdoor

Balcony and Backyard Picnics

Soak up the sun while having everything you need and more within reach of your picnic site!

Tip #1: Foldable Outdoor Furniture

Having foldable outdoor tables and chairs let you be spontaneous and have a picnic on the spur of the moment.

Tip #2: Coffee with a tempered glass mug and coffee maker

You can create special tea time simply by putting a warm drink in a tempared glass mug. Dress up your tabelw with sweets on the cake stand.

Tip #3: Dreamy Candles

The LED candle gives a cosy flickering light like a real candle. Outdoor lightings are a quick way to add some character to our outdoor living spaces.

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Balcony and Backyard|Indoor | Outdoor

Indoor Picnics

Who said a picnic has to be an outdoor activity? When the weather is less than ideal or when you simply feel like staying home, try a picnic at home!

Tip #1: Lunchboxes and Containers

Eating out of lunchboxes and food containers really make you feel like you are having a picnic. Style tip: choose ones that are made of glass and wood.

Tip #2: Green Invasion

Blur the line between your indoor and outdoor living spaces by bringing lots of plants inside your home. Not a green thumb? We have a variety of artificial flowers and plants too.

Tip #3: Throws and Cushions

Spread some throws and place lots of pillows on top, and your living spaces will instantly turn into a picnic area.

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Balcony and BackyardIndoor | Outdoor


Make your picnic experience even more enjoyable and unforgettable by taking our favorite products with you on your next trip.

Tip #1: Stylish Yet Durable Dishes

TALRIKA series dishes and drinkware are made of innovative, renewable plastic. They are a great for pincics as well as for at-home use.

Tip #2: Music for Mood

ENEBY speakers are small and portable, but its souond quality packs a punch too. Take your favorite music anywhere and kick up the fun at the picnic!

Tip #3: Functional Steel Vacuum

This steem vacuum has a dry food compartment where you can keep things like tea bags, sugar and croutons for your soup.Two mugs are included, so you can always offer a friend a hot drink.

Tip #4: Versatile Trays

Trays are one of the most useful yet overlooked items in picnic settings. They provide stable surface for your drinks and can be stowed away easily.

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