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9 Most Overlooked Moving Essentials

Even if you have furniture and home appliances, there are things people tend to forget. Check out our popular products and find the items useful to kick-start the new life comfortably.

Top 3 items you might forget for moving

1. Curtain

A curtain must be ready from the first day for security. Measure the size of window beforehand.

2. Lighting

Prepare the ceiling light and it would be better to buy some extra bulbs just in case.

3. Towel/Bath mat

You can use a towel for cleaning or for a bath. The number is required from the first day more than expected.

Top 4-9

Top 3

4. Electrical items| 5. Bedding & Cushion | 6. Cooking/Tableware | 7. Laundry items | 8. Bathroom & cleaning items | 9. Emergency/Safety items

8. Bathroom & cleaning items

Parcel Delivery

If your purchase is not so large or you want to send some small items together, Parcel Delivery Service is more convenient and less expensive.

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