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Let’s Play : Freedom to play for all children

When we play, we learn, develop, experience and grow. Our creativity expands. Our bonds strengthen. We de-stress.
That’s why we at IKEA believe in children’s right to play and in play as a basic need of every single human being.
Because we'll be highlighting how, by simply seeing home as a playground, building play into each day can be easy – as easy as, well, child’s play!

Products that develop children’s creativity

It's through playing that children develop and learn. That's why all our products, from soft toys to children's bedroom furniture, are designed to spark their imagination and help them discover new things about the world.

Recommended Series

If there is a gym mat on the floor,children will roll around and start playing.
When it's time for a break, you can easily fold it.

Children can fully enjoy playing house.
You can put a snack on it and entertain the customer as if you were a mother.

MALA Parents don't have to help prepare for drawing, and your child can dive into the world of imagination whenever he wants to draw.

SAGOSKATT, Designed by kids Supporting Children’s Right to Play

The 6 designs selected as winning works in 2019, were all made into real soft toys and are now available as SAGOSKATT limited collection.
All domestic proceeds from the SAGOSKATT limited collection will be donated again this year to help the children.

Soft toy drawing competition 2020

Report for donation in 2019

(Sales start date : 2020/10/29- )

Soft toy drawing competition 2020

Report for donation in 2019

Thank you for participating in the Let’s Play campaign in 2019.

Kameda Elementary School finished renovating their library with the donation made from last year’s SAGOSKATT sale.