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Better Solutions for Work at Home

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New series for study desks

Easy assembly and affordable desks for every student. 

See more table combinations
See more table combinations

Ideal desks for every workspace

MICKE desk build into a wardrobe.

Compact desks

Utilize the smallest spaces with our practical home office desks and create your own workspace at home. The clean design makes them fit easily in your home. Ideally, your desk should have a minimum width of 60 cm to accommodate you and your laptop easily.

Mörbylånga dining table used as a work desk.

Working together with partner and kids

Everyone needs a space where they can focus, work, or learn. You can start using a desk together, or how about upgrading your dining table, so everyone has space to work?

BEKANT sit and stand desk.

Sit and stand desks

Keeping your back healthy with our range of sit and stand desk. Adjust the table to your own height to sit ergonomically. Getting up frequently during your workday is beneficial to your health.

PAHL children's desk

Desk for Children

When school starts, it's time to make space for your kids to do their homework and assingments.

FREDDE gaming desk.

Desk for Gamers

Create the perfect space for gaming, with enough space for two ore more screens.

Desks | Chairs | Storage | Accessories

Find the best chair for you

Working at the dining table

You have no space for a desk, but still, need to work somewhere? Let’s upgrade your chair, so you can work comfortably at you dining table. If your budget is too tight for a new office chair, how about upgrading your seating with a lumbar cushion or a footrest?


Quality and comfort at home

Lean back and relax, enjoy the comfort and support of an ergonomic office chair, that will carry you through your whole working day. You can adjust the seating height but also how much back support you'll need.

    Watch some tips and ideas from our interior designer Anzy and learn how to upgrade your seating.

    Find more videos in our IKEA Channel

    Perfect ergonomics

    Did you know that seating ergonomics are extremely important for your back's health? Adjust your chair's height, so that your arms are in a 90 degrees angle to the table. Invest in some lower back support to avoid back pain.

    Desks | Chairs | Storage | Accessories

    Add storage that suits you best

    FJALLBO shelving unit

    Shelving units

    Organize your working area and store all paperwork and additional items when you're finished with work. Keeping things organized also helps to keep calm and relaxed.

    Trolleys and drawer units

    Keep your desk tidy, but have everything you need close by? Storage on wheels can be your best friend. With a flat surface, you can even extend your workspace.

      Watch some tips and ideas from our interior designer Anzy and learn how to utilize your space best.

      Find more videos in our IKEA Channel

      Desks | Chairs | Storage | Accessories

      Accessories you need to set up your workspace

      BRADA laptop stand

      Laptop and tablet holder

      If you are tired of sitting by the desk all day, we have you covered. Take a small tray or laptop holder and you can work wherever you want.

      SKURUP work lamp

      Speaker and lamps

      Get the light and the mood just right for you, to focus or relax, just exactly how you want it.

      LORBY charger and SAXBORGA trey

      Cables and chargers

      Have chargers and cables close by to stay focused during the day and have fewer interruptions.