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Freezer Bag: All about ISTAD

IKEA freezer bags are not only for storing food, but are also large enough to fit a T-shirt, and are perfect for small items such as masks. In addition to the regular series, there are also limited seasonal designs. Please check with us for ideas that make every day a little more convenient.


Mainly 3 types with 2 sizes. Some products are available in one size only.

S|MLOther size


Convenient size for organizing small items such as a bowl of rice and a mask

*The size of BLOMBUKETT is 1L

S|M|LOther size


Just the right size to pickle up 2 chicken pieces or carry clothes for children to change

SM|L|Other size


Leave big vegetables such as leafy vegetables, A4 size instructions, and organize out-of-season clothes.

SML|Other size

Other size

How to use the freezer bag

For food

  • Prevents vegetables and meat from drying out and keeps them fresh
  • Refrigerate a large amount of food in small size
  • Soak the ingredients in sauce etc. and temporarily store them
  • To subdivide the sweets into small pieces
  • Protects dry food such as seaweed from moisture

For organising

For clothes

  • For changing clothes and toiletries for travel
  • When organize seasonal clothes

For organising inside the bag

  • Put toys when going out and sort toy boxes
  • Masks or codes

For small items or keep it dry

  • For packing of small goods
  • Smartphone when you want to avoid moisture

    The best tip ever – ice cream in a bag

    The sizes used in the video are L (6L) and M (1.5L). Click here for recipes

    For storing freezer bags

    GLÖMSTA Plastic bag holders give you a place to store freezer bags on the wall.

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