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Cozy time at home

You may be spending longer time at home this season.​ So wouldn't you like to make your room more comfortable?​Let's enjoy the time we spend at home this season.

Which area would you like to make more comfortable?

Warm Decoration for the Cold Season

Explore our collection of seasonal home decor and accessories, including home textiles rich in color, lighting that adds warmth to any space, baking goods, mugs, and more.

Better Solutions for Work at Home

IKEA has everything that you need to optimize your home office so you can stay focused on your task.

Create a space to refresh your mind

It's important to change your mood when you're spending more time at home than usual. Let's create an environment where it is easy to switch on and off at home, relax and refresh, even during times of teleworking.

Best Small Storage Solutions for the Home

Looking for solutions that make tidying up easy? Enter IKEA! We have everything you need to store all everyday essentials from stationery to clothing to extra rolls of toilet paper.

Study Hard and Play Hard at Home

When you spend a lot of time at home, you want to create a lively rhythm. IKEA has lots of fun and playful items to help children learn.

Scandinavian dinnerware that colors the Japanese table

At IKEA, we have a wide variety of products that matches various occasions, such as Scandinavian design dinnerware that suits Japanese dining tables and products developed especially for the Japanese people. If you serve Japanese food with Scandinavian design dinnerware, you can enjoy a different way of enjoying your meal.